Yangon to Heho

Heho Yangon

And the best way is by air. Afternoon flights from Yangon to Heho. To Taunggyi by plane from Yangon airport. Booking your Heho (HEH) flight to Yangon (RGN). We will arrive at Yangon International Airport and meet our licensed tour guide.

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Receive a warning if Yangon (Rangoon) fall at Heho rates. Hehho is the nearest large Heho airfield. Currently 7 carriers are operating from Heho International Airports. The Heho International Heho has non-stop services to 7 towns. At least 87 internal departures per city from Heho International Heho International Airports every time.


The Yangon International Airports (RGN) is a state-of-the-art international airfield with all facilities. To fly from Yangon Domestic is another thing. One man with a clip board leads the passenger to a woman behind a table, who serves alllines. Consumers happily talk to the woman who uses the wire to give instructions instead of looking for unsuitable baggage.

When you enter the door area, you can easily see the two doors, as they are only a few metres apart. There' s no indication of which gateway is related to which flights. We had a 25-minute-train to Heho at 3:00. So we came through the door unhindered and into the old props airplane.

Only a few seconds later we rolled down the escape and the driver told us it was the 1h 15m ride to Mandalay. And Mandalay is not Heho. But I thought it was a little later to think about it when the aircraft softly went up in the sky.

In spite of the concern, it was a funny ride. Again the pilots said we would be landing in Mandalay. That was quite delicate - how should we get from Mandalay to Heho? We had to pick our chauffeur at Heho and we had no contacts.

Only when the airplane landed did they let us know that it was going on to Heho. Later we learned that the flight here works like a bus that stops at every one of the airports on itineraries. Equestrian wagon on the way between Heho and Kalaw. Hehoo is much easier. And he began to ask why I wanted to go somewhere like Heho.

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