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Yangon is the former capital of Myanmar and with around six million inhabitants the largest city in the country. Continue on the list of fun things in Yangon, time for a little shopping spree! But, in fact, there is already a lot to do in Yangon. Here's the list of cheap backpacker hostels in Myanmar. These are also the most famous places in Yangon that attract many visitors every year.

Ultimative task list in Yangon

Yangon is the former capitol of Myanmar and with around six million inhabitants the biggest town in the state. This modest town has almost as many buildings of settlement as it does places of worship, constructed on roads full of personality. There are seven things you should not miss if you want to dive into it.

Dressed in Burgundian and Safran, the strikingly shaved Buddhist friars step barefoot every day on the street with a dish in their hands to collect charity from the towns. The 100-meter high Shwedagon Pagoda is a magnificent gold sanctuary that can be seen from almost everywhere in the town. It is without a doubt the holiest place in Yangon.

The light is illuminated both during the afternoon and at night when the whole 2,500-year-old building is illuminated. Close to the entrance of some temple (probably the Sule Pagoda) in Yangon, you will see sellers with small cage and basket with little bayfowl. They also symbolize the liberty of the Myanmar tribe, which had been captive for years.

Traditional used by Myanmar woman for more than two millennia, thinaka is a kind of naturally occurring suntan cream made from crushed rind that keeps your body feeling soft and sheltered. Purchase it at Bogyoke Aung San Market, just 10 min walking distance from PARKROYAL on Yangon. It is the simplest way to fit into the community.

Burma's population is quite old-fashioned, and it shows itself in its plain clothes, which covers most of its body - you seldom see natives in swimsuits on the beaches. Typical food, such as the Mahinga (in the picture) and the Taphet Toka, is an absolute must. It is a basic food of Burma cooking and a kind of mild and aromatic pasta and porc.

It is recommended that you try Rangoon Tea House, just a few driving steps from PARKROYAL Yangon. It has 39 stops all around the town, even in the countryside with its picturesque towns and farmhouses. It is an unconventional way of seeing the parts of Yangon that usually go unseen by travelers.

Full journey takes three hour, so get off anywhere and take a taxicab back to the center of town - don't you have to be worried, the taxicab costs are as cheap as railckets. You can' t wait to remove these articles from your list? Begin to plan your Yangon journey and make sure you make the most of your visit to PARKROYAL Yangon!

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