Yangon to Chaung Tha Express

Chaung Tha Express from Yangon

I' d like to know Asia Dragon Express (ygn to chaung tha) phone number. The Golden Star Express; Asia Dragon Express; Chit Paing Thitsar Express. ARRIVING YANGON THA (BY CAR).

The Ngwe Saung Beach is an hour's drive from Chaung tha Beach, opposite the Bay of Bengal. From Yangon in Myanmar you can take a bus or private taxi to Chaung Tha Beach.

Chaung Tha Yangon ( 2 nights/3 day trip)

Departure from Yangon to Chaung tha by Express Air con Bus at 21:00. Accommodation in a tour bus. In the early mornings, arrival in Chaung tha. Checking into your hotel and relaxing on the shore. Accommodation in hotel in Chaung Tha. Hotel breakfast and free seaside activities. Accommodation in hotel in Chaung Tha.

Hotel breakfasts and check-out. Collection from the hotel and back to Yangon at 09:00 o'clock. Towards night you will reach Yangon healthy and lively. All-inclusive price: Exclusive all-inclusive price:

Arrival to Chaung Tha

Choose different modes of transportation for information and click on the map to enlarge it. Busses leave from Yangon Dagon Ayar Yar terminal (also known as Dagon Ayar) - this is a different terminal from the one you would use for most other places in the state. From Yangonto Chaung Tha you can take a private vehicle or mini-van ( "with driver"), which costs about $288 for a single journey (less per passenger if you are in a large group).

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Chaungtha Yangon - 2 ways by coach and auto

Which is the best way from Yangon to Chaungtha? From Yangon to Chaungtha the best way is the coach, which is 18? - 21 and lasts 11h10min. Which is the easiest way from Yangon to Chaungtha? From Yangon to Chaungtha the shortest way is the coach, which is 50? - 65 and lasts 8h25min.

So how far is it from Yangon to Chaungtha? It is 183 km from Yangon to Chaungtha. It is 245.5 km away. If I don't have a vehicle, how do I get from Yangon to Chaungtha? From Yangon to Chaungtha without a vehicle the best way is the 8 hour 25 minute 50-?65.

So how long does it take from Yangon to Chaungtha? The journey from Yangon to Chaungtha lasts approx. 3h46min.

Which is the closest Chaungtha International Airfield? Chaungtha's closest airfield is Thandwe International Wing (SNW), which is 166.5 km away. Further near to Yangon (RGN) is 179.5 km. How can I live near Chaungtha? Chaungtha has more than 45 establishments. Which enterprises provide service between Yangon, Myanmar and Chaungtha, Ayeyarwady, Myanmar?

Shwwe Pyi Lwin drives a twice a day from Yangon to Chaungtha. The price of your trip is 9 and it will take 7 hours, would you like to know more about traveling around the atlantic? Find our offer of information travel books on favourite traffic and businesses - among them How to Buy a London Underground Ticketing, France Strike 2018:

How do I get from London to Edinburgh - so you can make the most of your next journey. Here you will find all transportation for your journey from Yangon to Chaungtha.

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