Yangon to Bangkok by Bus

Bangkok Yangon by bus

From Bangkok to Yangon by bus. Take Yangon to Bangkok, Timings & Rates. I' m flying to BKK in June and would like to spend a week in Myanmar.

Yangon to Bangkok bus? - Yanmar Forum

Yangon to Bangkok bus? Anybody know if there's a bus from Yangon to Bangkok? Yangon to Bangkok bus? Yangon to Bangkok bus? There is no bus from Yangon to Bangkok, but it is possible from Mandalay all the way to Thaï. Yangon to Bangkok bus?

There''s no bus between the 2....You can take the Myanmar side from Yangon to Myawaddy, on the boarder, then another bus on the Thai side from Mae Sot to Bangkok..... Yangon to Bangkok bus? Yangon to Bangkok bus? I want to drive it in early 2017 as the new street on the Burma side is open; how simple is it to switch between the Mae Sot intersection check points?

By bus from Yangon to Bangkok? very easy....everything above...there is no'no man' land' at Mae Sot to Myawaddy border...you just cross the viaduct over the canal. Thailand immigration on one side of the viaduct, Burma on the other. Yangon to Bangkok bus? Yangon to Bangkok bus? also......if you choose to use the stock taxi, they are waiting on the road not far from Burma's immigration department.

Yangon to Bangkok bus? yes, there is a bus from Yangon to BBK (or otherwise) !! I am here because I wonder about an interurban bus between Bangkok and Yangon.

Yangon - Bangkok bus service until April

Bus companies say that air-conditioned bus connections between Myanmar's trading capitol Yangon and Thailand's capitol Bangkok will open before the beginning of the new year. Burma's New Year Water Festivals, or Thingyan, and Thai New Year, or Songkran, usually fall around mid-April. "Twice air-conditioned busses make daily excursions from Yangon to Bangkok.

Before take-off, passenger will be informed of detailed information about the bus services," said Ko Zaw Maung, a bus operator. Mr. Ko Zaw Maung said that to get more clients, travellers need to be informed in detail about the services provided by the busways.

There will be a new bus line named Yangon Airport Bus-Taxi which will run about 20 busses between the towns every two working day. There' are many busses that will run between the towns, so we think the deal will go well," he said. It is estimated that the price of a dual air-conditioned bus is around 30,000 K per passenger and the busses depart from Yangon at 6am and arriving in Bangkok at 6pm.

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