Yangon to Bago

from Yangon to Bago

From Yangon to Bago by rail from Bago (THB 278.51) The Bago is a simple daily excursion from Yangon. It takes less than 2 hrs to get to the large city. Carrying the coach and tram is kind on your purse and a very comfortable option. But if you have the additional money, you can rent your own cab so you can decide how long you want to spend and what you want to see.

Taking the Yangon to Bago is a fast and simple one. It' really inexpensive, so if you don't have the cash to take a personal cab or an elite rail, then this is your best one. The busses run quite frequently and the journey is brief and only takes two hour!

Busses also depart from Aung Mingalar station, which is 20 km from the center of the town and has a similar fare. Tickets can be booked in advanced at both of Yangon's main train stops or at one of the many tourist offices in central Yangon. Allow yourself more to reach both coach terminals, as Yangon is infamous for its suffocating transport.

Travelling by rail to Bago is not particularly picturesque or remarkable, but traveling by rail in Myanmar is always a worthwhile way to be. It is also a brief trip which, if you are taking a Myanmar rail for the first trip, could be a good way to learn how to get on ashore.

All in all, the trip takes less than two in all. From Yangon main railway yard, which is situated in the center of the town. Please note: Even if the rail is more costly than the coach, you do not have to pay for a long cab trip to the school.

Trains #89 continue to Kyaikhto, so it's worth taking it if you go to the Golden Rocks. Top-of-the-range cars are the most convenient because they are less overcrowded and have much more convenient seating - smooth recliner seating similar to that in V.I.P. coaches - than the rock-hard bench of the normal coaches.

Renting a personal cab in Myanmar can sometimes be a bewildering inconvenience. The simplest way to organize a personal cab is via your accommodation. The majority of establishments can suggest a firm or a chauffeur to take you to Bago. You can also reach the Sule Pagoda Street and rent a cab from there.

When a cabbie gives you an impudent quote, just refuse courteously and ask someone else. It should take a little over an hours by car to Bago. But Bago itself is a bustling town and quite inconspicuous. On the way to the Golden Rock, however, he makes a stop. Some of the most famous of these is the Shwemawdaw Pagoda.

It' the highest of the pagodas in Myanmar. When you are like most of the other travelers through Bago, make your way to the major attractions of Mount Kyaikhto. Here you can see the huge gold rock and the dangerous rocky peak of the Mt.

For those interested in living as near as possible to the Golden Rock, there are some upscale category accommodation on the top of Mount Kyaikhto. Though Kinpun is a common place in Myanmar, you don't get much except a cot to stay and enjoy your meal with it.

Kyaikhto can be reached comfortably by coach from Bago. It takes about 2 hrs and takes between MMK2000-3000. The busses depart Bago in the afternoons. One could also outdo Bago as a whole and take a Yangon coach for MMK9000. Travelling by rail from Bago to Kyaikhto is also a good option.

It' only three hrs from Bago and leads through a nice landscape. Get off in the city of Kyaikhto and from there you can take a local cab to the closest settlement - Kinpun. Please note: The trip to the Golden Rock is not recommendable for those who are afraid of altitude.

Start point for all excursions to the Golden Rocks is the town of Kinpun, about 15 km north east of Kyaikhto. That is the part of the trip where you should grab your seats and try not to look over the rim of the crag. You don't really like the rear of the van with devilishly mad riders taking hard bends with an incline on one side and a wall of rocks on the other!

Once the lorry has reached the stop nearer the top of the hill, you have to get off because it is too risky to continue uphill". This is because you have to spend about $10 for a "private transfer" in the shape of a crude litter - you will be taken to the top, quite literally. litter.

Arrived at the Golden Rocks, there is an entry charge of MMK6000. Please be aware that it is not permitted for a woman to come near the cliff itself. Yes, as in many other holy places in Myanmar, men only have restricted use. When you are in really good condition and want to test yourself, there is the possibility of hiking from the hamlet of Kinpun to the top of the hill.

This can take up to 5hrs. Now that you have removed Golden Rock from your listing, there are many other exceptional places to do. You can reach both cities from Bago every day by rail and coach. For those interested in taking the less busy street, you can reach the south of the island via the small town of Manlamyine by rail or air.

There are several daily train journeys of about seven hour. Another Bago alternative is the tranquil, backpacker-friendly town of Hpa-An. Busses depart from Bago and the Golden Rock on a regular basis. It is 5 hrs from Bago and only 3 hrs from Kyaikhto.

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