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Flight schedule from Yangon to Bagan

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from Yangon to Bagan timetable: Useful information

The international Yangon International Baghdadon International Baghdadon International is about 30 min northern of the centre of the city. The trip from the Aiport to the centre of the capital costs about $7-10. The Nyaung U International is situated in Nyaung-U (or Nyaung Oo), a small village in Mandalay, Burma (Myanmar), 7 kilometres from New Bagan. The journey from the Aiport to New Bagan takes about 15-20 min. and costs 7.000 - 10.000 Kie.

The best way to book a flight from Yangon to Bagan for your trip to Myanmar is through one of the airlines' PSAs (Passenger Sales Agents). We have a large number of Yangon agencies such as Exotic Myanmar Travels & Tours, Unique Myanmar Travels & Tours and Myanmar Golden Image Travels & Tours.

You can also ask your Yangon hotels to reserve your flight for you. Reservations can be made on-line through the airlines' web sites. Some of the web pages, however, do not refresh flight schedule and fare information and many mistakes occur during the reservation as well.

Several of the carriers that have quite good on-line reservation services are Myanmar National Airways, Mann Yadanarpon Airways, Asian Wings Airways (they operate codeshares with Air Bagan) and Air KBZ. You can find the fares (2017) of various airline companies here. Please be aware that the prices for low seasons (May-October) are indicated for Economical Grade, Non-Promotion and One-Way travel.

Prices are for information purposes only; please consult the airline companies or agent for the latest information. During the high seasons (November to February), the fare from Yangon to Bagan is usually $10 higher than in the low saund . Timetable will be revised in April 2017 (summer timetable). It is for your convenience only; please check with your airline or agent for the latest information.

Departures/arrivals daily: 6:10 - 7:30, until 2017-04-30; 06:30 - 7:50, until 2017-10-01; 7:00 - 8:20, 2017-05-01 until 2017-09-30; NOT DIRECTIVE Flights: Day-to-day departure/arrival: There are also many codeshares, either directly or non-directly, from Yangon to Bagan every day for your Burma outings. Air Bagan is probably the best carrier for the trip, but you can also select from others.

It is the biggest town and one of four touristic..... Several travellers say that Myanmar is amazing and originally nice,..... Bagan, the antique town, one of four Burma touristic attractions..... Over the past few years Myanmar has become a stylish place to..... Driving to Myanmar for the first while is an interesting.....

In Yangon (the biggest town in the country), Bagan (home of a variety of.....

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