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Taxes, fees and surcharges are included in the indicated price. Except Mandalay, Chiang Mai to Yangon direct flight. Flights are organized by Air KBZ, Asian Wings, Mann Yadanarpon or Yangon Airways depending on seat availability. Daily flights from Bagan to Inle Lake are now available. Flight to Heho, airport pick up, land transfer from Heho to Inle Lake.

Online Air Bagan Flight Booking

It is not currently possible to fly it. If you want to make bookings for several different airline routes on different times, please go to our flight reservation page? Myanmar Domestic Airport is an online Myanmar Domestic Airport ticketing service with many happy clients since 2011. Comparing rates. aire bagan flight flight shoules with flight numbers, flight times and nondirect flight numbers.

Air Bagan travel is not possible. There is a no-show cost of $10. There is a US$/FEC 5 cancelation surcharge if the reservation is cancelled less than 24 hrs before the flight. Applies only to Air Bagan travel. A Kyat 1000 fare must be paid before embarkation for internal use.

  • Yangon to Bagan Airports - Yangon (Rangoon) Board

It is my hopes to stay oneight in Yangon and then one whole evening in Bagan before I go to Bangkok. I' ve seen some earlier contributions about the journey from Yangon to Bagan, obviously with the times that worries me, I would decide to travel. As I saw that there are early dawn departures from Yangon to Bagan (departure 630 and arrival at 750), I would be planning to leave one of the days and then go back to Bangkok the next evening, sometime in the afternoons, before my flight.

How dependable are the flight as I have a busy timetable and it would most likely be daylight savings and bad weathers. I saw some air left for Air Mandalay and Air Bagan flying to Nyaung, how far is it from there to Bagan.

How far in advance can I reserve this and are they still using hand-written stationery vouchers, i.e. would it be best to go to a tourist agency for this itinerary? And lastly, what should I be expecting in terms of price for this airline fare. Hello Kraig A, For your questions: - Flight times are often delayed by 5 or 10 min, but in general they are quite dependable.

It is best to call the carrier to register and confirm in the mornings or one full working days in advanced. - You may make your reservation 1 Month in advanced, but you can make your reservations a few moths before your date of arrival. There are no eTickets at the present time, it is better to make a reservation with a tourist agent.

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