Yangon to Bagan Distance

Distance from Yangon to Bagan

Yangon Burma and Bagan India. Suppose you are planning a trip to Bagan and want to stop on the way to recovery. Long-distance coach from Yangon to Bagan - Yangon (Rangoon) Forums

Mingalapar, 3 of us will be in Yangon from February 11th to 13th 2017. I only knew that there are busses departing from Aung Mingalar coach station to Bagan. a. Are there long-distance busses departing from Yangon town centre to Bagan or should we go to Aung Mingalar coach station? b. Are there daily busses to Bagan? c. Should we reserve the travel to Bagan on-line in advanced and how much does the tick?

Busses from the center of the town are not available, you have to go to the school. As a precaution, if you are booking out there, it is best to do it a few extra nights in advance if you can. The thread has been discontinued due to apathy.

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Yangon Distance ? Bagan - beeline, distance, center

From Yangon to Bagan the course is initially 342.53 and the heading of the wind is northwest. Yangon-Bagan lies 1,378.36 miles (2,218.26 km) between the two points at a relative geographical centre with a bearings of 342.53°. As the crow flies, the nearest distance between Yangon and Bagan is 2,756.72 miles (4,436.51 km).

According to the planer, the quickest way between Yangon and Bagan is. There is a gap of 0.5 hrs between Yangon (Asia/Rangoon) and Bagan (Asia/Novosibirsk). That means that it is now 15:43 (21.08.2018) in Yangon and 16:13 (21.08.2018) in Bagan.

Downtown Yangon Distance to Bagan Bus Terminal - Myanmar Forum

Hello, I have made some inquiries about night buses from Yangon to Bagan/Mandalay. I' m informed that I have to store the coach from the coach station Aung Mingalar, which is about an hours drive from the city of Yangon and the most important sights. Somebody tell me if this is real, because it seems to be a long way to get the night-van.

It is 6000K by cab from the center of Yangon to the northerly coach terminal (which is rather a small town) and lasts about 1h or so. From Mandalay, the night coach departs around 8 p.m. and climbs the new motorway, stops on the way at a van stop "Dorf" and reaches the Mandalay coach terminal around 5 a.m..

It takes about 30 min. to get a transfer (blue taxi) from there to the centre of Mandalay.

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