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Time Yangon now

Yangon Myanmar time converter, India time and Yangon time conversion table. Yet in Yangon, the country's largest city, you can now meet mixologists. The time zone in Yangon is : It' also easy to change the Thai Baht to Yangon. Singapore Standard Time History.


Yangon, once the Myanmar's capitol until 2005, is still at the core of the economy. Featuring the breathtaking Shwedagon Paya at the centre of the cityscape, this shiny gold stupa is seen from all over the cityscape. Nearer to the water, Yangon inner centre is dotted with historical lanes hiding some of the best genuine UK architectural colonies in Southeast Asia.

In China Kunming is often called the "city of eternal spring" because of its agreeable atmosphere and the year-round floris. It is the capitol of Yunnan in southwestern China. Previously known as Yunnan-fou and in the 1920s changed its name to Kunming. Kunming was an important centre for the war.

Today Kunming is a town with a lot of industrial, living and academic districts. It also has an astronomic observation station.

Information about travel | The Strand Yangon

You can apply for 28-day touristic visa at Myanmar Embassy World-wide. For the latest information, please consult your nearest embassy in Myanmar. The name of our indigenous money is Kyoto. Despite the government's attempts to promote the use of Kyoto, the US dollar remains widely acceptable. You' ll find ATM machines that accept card in Yangon and around the world.

It' also simple to switch from Thai to Yangon. In Myanmar, people usually swap with their right-handers. Discover Yangon's colorful Yangon legacy and colorful locals' market on feet or with the classic Trinishaw, then take one of our English-speaking guide and luxurious air-conditioned cars to Yangon's couples and beyond to the scenicscape.

Taxi services are available throughout Yangon and, just like in your own market, your negotiating skill is very useful. There are two seasons: the best travel season from October to March, as it is less rainy and the temperature is relatively cool, while April to May is getting warmer with daylight in Yangon of 40°C and higher for Bagan and Mandalay.

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