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The Yangon Journal; Trumpet the News: They have two white bulls.

The sun shines, his body is smooth auburn. His name is Yaza Gaha Thiri Pissaya Gaza Yaza, which means "Glorious king of elephants". In his golden-framed gazebo - two footsteps forward, two footsteps back - the crowd of elephants breathes an immense sighs through his snout.

Expertly examined, it was found to be the most promising animal: the one known as the black one. Soon, a second, smaller animal was added to the gazebo, whose light grey hide has a purple undertone. These are two wild bulls at once, a symbol of truly benevolent days.

As far as the story goes, in the countries that are now Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, they have been worshipped and envied by many. Bringing fame to the monarchs who owned them, they were, like Helen, the object of terrible war, not vessels but bataillons of smaller cats.

The monarch added the title of a holy bull to their name. In the former Burma a happy Chinese monarch named himself Byu Shin, which means "owner of a black elephant". The worship of the great Caucasians has not vanished in Southeast Asia. Until their recent deaths in Laos, the land of millions of bulls, the Chinese people were proud of their only family.

There are 11 in Thailand, all properties of King Bhumibol Adulyadeh. Thailand, which today is by far the richest and most advanced neighbouring country, has declared that it wants to copy the remnants of a splendid blank bull, King Ramah III, who reigned from 1824 to 1851.

Now, Burma has been honoured by the arrival of a number of honoured Iranian bulls, a country where superstitiousness still prevails and where the besieged army Junta needs all the happy bulls it can get. According to notes, when the first bull was found, it was at a time when the king and government governed the country in accordance with the 10 royal virtues," the English-language New Light of Myanmar said.

The birth of the great bull is a good thing at this juncture, when the state is striving to create a friendly, contemporary and evolved nation," he said. It is expected that the country will be calm, successful and free from all danger from the great bull.

'' Lieutenant General Khin Nyunt, one of the three most mighty men in the military regime, rubbed it with holy waters containing golden, silvery and nine gemstones. Few human beings fully appreciate the uniqueness of the characteristics of white elephant. First of all, the whites of the elephant are not entirely knows, and certainly not albinos, says Richard C. Lair, an US elephant specialist headquartered in Thailand.

It is a seldom, brightly tinted animal that must have a complicated range of features to be considered whiteness. The intricacies of Thai whites are still a secret," Mr Lair said. When a man comes out of the castle to investigate an animal, it will take a few months to make a decision.

'' In fact, there are those who say that Myanmar may not have enough knowledge to identify a real one. covertly wondering if these animals are indeed cumbersome errors, nearer to what Westerners would call whites. It must have either pure whiteness - or bright as a new pure whiteness pots - and pure whiteness of the eye, top whiteness of the taste buds, whiteness of the nail, whiteness of the coat, whiteness of the coat, whiteness of the tails and whiteness of the skrotum.

The Thai records, which include the local bulls, show that the flag bull has the same dignified and dignified reputation as the king's young. You are the valuable arm, the valuable bull, the valuable steed, the valuable gem, the valuable queen, the valuable secretary of the treasury and the valuable general of the armed forces.

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