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Activities near the Central Hotel Yangon on TripAdvisor: It is an amazing city, a city with a rich history that is slowly modernizing. Here is our selection of activities in Yangon. Explore Kungyangon, Yangon, Burma with the help of your friends. Be surprised by these five things in Yangon.

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Activities in Yangon

It is an astonishing town, full of historical, cultural and architectural heritage that is gradually modernizing. Here is our selection of activities in Yangon. At 99 metres high on Singuttara Hill, this huge Stupa dominates the Yangon ski area. Many say she is 2600 years old, which would make her the oldest and highest pageant in the whole wide underworld.

It is said that this is an older model than Shwedagon. According to legends, the old nature (spirit) that disclosed the place for the Shwedagon lived where the Sule is now. On the other side of the street are these two amazing Buddha-statures. The temple of Chaukhtatgyi is home to a huge lying Buddha.

See our seperate articles about the Giant Reclining Buddha Of Yangon. On the other side of the street, in the Nga Htat Gyi pit, there is an imposing 14m high 5-storey pit. If you have just got here and want to orientate yourself or if you have very little spare moment and just want to get an impression of the town, the free walks are a great notion.

There is no booking necessary, just drive into the parking lot opposite the town council. Every trip lasts two hrs and takes you through the town' s story from the pagoda to colonization. You will also see some of the Yangon of today and explore some great places to dine and sip. It is in the former farmhouse where he was living at the moment of his murder.

His artifacts show the way of a general living at that period and many pieces of furniture that give you an idea of his own and the way his little girl was born. It was one of the most luxury hotel in the British Empire at that age. It has a fabulous story and many owns since then.

Botataung Pagodas can be traced back to 2000 years when Buddha's bodily reliquaries came from India and were anchored in it. It was destroyed by a World War II bomb attack. A reliquary with about 700 artifacts was dug up during the conservation and real Buddha bodily relicts were found.

Others date the cemetery to the Mons period and confirmed its connection to India. Today's caves are unique and allow the visitor to walk inside where they can see these remains. It was built by the British to supply the river from Inya.

Today it is a place of relaxation for everyone in the town, take a walk or a pick nick and relax. There is also a natural reserve, petting zoo, fish tank and theme area. A more famous example than the sea is the reproduction of the kingly ship on its banks.

There are some amazing moments and great pictures when the skies change color and are mirrored in the sea. Inya Lake is even bigger than Kandawgyi Sea. It' also an man-made sea and has become a favourite with pairs. It is located just outside the town and is a nice place to observe the sundown or take a walk.

Throughout their years of detention, people were off the streets and the building could only be seen from the other side of the lakes. Artifacts are labeled in English and Burma and offer a glimpse into Burma's past. A little strange and ironical, if you have a moment, go to this very under-visited and apparently lost factory and awaken the people.

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