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to do Yangon things

Discover the best activities in Yangon, including Shwedagon Paya, Shwe Sa Bwe, Rangoon Tea House. Locate the best things for you near Yangon International Airport, Kyaikto. Find out about local attractions and activities in Yangon when you stay at the Sheraton Yangon Hotel. Read on to discover our suggestions for activities in Yangon with children. Yangon is a hot pot of activity and life.

10 activities in Yangon this week

10 April, 18.00 to 23.00 Thuwunnabhumi Event Park. The ticket starts at 10,000 kyat. It is the major hall for Yangon's local celebrations, organised by the Yangon Provincial Council. 13-17 April, YangonCityHall. 13-16 April, 9-17 Thuwunna Stadium, Thingangyun Municipality.

In the Yankin Thinkyan Pavillon Chit Kaung, Bobby Soxer and DJ Thaw Thaw will be on. 13 to 16 April. 12 Yankin Road, 12 Lone Tan. 13th to 17th April. The barrack, a favourite with young people, will be back this April. 13 to 16 April. The ticket price starts at 45,000 kyat. There will be performances by DJ' s from all over the world.

13 to 16 April. The ticket starts at 20,000 kyat. There' is fun in the oldtimer park and a 9,000 Kyat per capita chowmet. 13 to 17 April, 18:00 to 23:00, Botahtaung Jetty, near Botahtaung Pagoda, municipality of Seikkan. Until April 12th. February 2 to April 16.

Activities in Yangon

There are many famous sights like the Shwedagon Pagoda and some of the most fascinating and best-kept mysteries. Explore one of Asia's most fascinating towns and experience the many great sights and activities in Yangon. Burma is known for its gemstone manufacturing, including ruby, sapphire and jet, and the jewelry stores in Yangon are an ideal place to find nice gemstones at a decent priceworth.

You can find fabrics, clothing, silver goods, lacquer goods and antiquities in stores and booths around Yangon, or all under one umbrella at the renowned Bogyoke Market, which is without doubt the city's most popu -lar shopping area. Yangon's unbelievable legacy is already apparent when travelers come to the town. Shedagon Pagoda and Sule Pagoda are the jewel of Yangon, which dominate the sky and are among the city's most visited travelers.

You and your visitor will find a strange mixture of influence - Yangon's connections to other civilizations are as obvious in the congested Chinatown street as they are in the city hall's historic archi¬cture. A of Yangon's most favourite activities is tasting the unbelievable taste of Indonesian food.

Yangon cuisine is as diverse as it is tasty - from sugary and tangy to pungent and acidic, the flavors and tastes of Yangon's most favourite meals provide an exhaustive menu of tastings and cuisine. Situated in the centre of Yangon, our Yangon based hostel is the ideal starting point for exploration.

Booking your visit to PARKROYAL Yangon today, you will experience incomparable comforts in the centre of the town. Explore one of the city's most vibrant culture centers in Chinatown. Situated in the centre of Yangon, the lively boulevards are an exquisite mixture of cafés, playgrounds, cybercafés, boutiques, jewelry boutiques, market, temples and medical-store.

The area stretches from 17 to 24 Street and also includes the Bo Ywe, Latha and Sint Oh Dan roads and provides an insight into the genuine China of Myanmar's biggest town. Yangon's Chinatown area is best visited during the Chinese New Year festivities; during the yearly moon vacation, the roads turn into a sensual play area.

Discover the maze of booths and discover bargains at Bogyoke Market. With more than 2000 stores and a wide range of crafts and memorabilia, Bogyoke Market is a one-stop store in the town. One of Yangon's most famous and famous heritage sites is the Town Hall. One of Yangon's most famous and famous heritage sites is the Town Hall.

A 10-minute walk from PARKROYAL Yangon and you will find yourself in this historic town. PARKROYAL Yangon distinguishes itself from other Yangon Town Hall properties with roomy rooms, great facilities and an envious setting in the centre of the town. Booking your visit today and discover the best of everything Myanmar's biggest town has to boast.

Situated in the centre of Yangon, it is next to some important sights like the Sule Pagoda, Maha Bandula Park, the High Court and the main post office.

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