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Temple Yangon Burma

They are my favorite Yangon temples I have visited in Myanmar. Lying Buddha in Chaukhtatgyi Temple in Yangon. Yangon has a rich cultural and religious background. The holiest and most majestic pagoda in Myanmar. Semi-Day Bagan Temple Tour - From Yangon, Myanmar.

Yangon Temple & Floors

Yangon, Burma's biggest town and former capitol, is home to some of the oldest, most renowned and most venerated monasteries and shrines in the state. His oldest Shwedagon, Botataung and Sule, probably date from the time of Gautama Buddha about 2500 years ago. The Shwedagon is considered Burma's oldest ever and is Yangon's most popular symbol and pilgrim destination.

His 99-metre high, gold-plated stupa, which contains the wisps of Gautama Buddha's coat, has a diamond-studded tip. Situated on a small mound, the panorama can be seen from large parts of the city. At nightfall, the marquee is nicely lit by headlights. The Botataung Puagoda was built by the Mon about 2,500 years ago, according to myth.

Saves a Gautama Buddha reliquary. In contrast to most Stupas, the Botataung's central Stupa is open to the general view, which can see the relics of human head displayed in an Ivory Barrier. Sule, a small Mon-style sideboard in central Yangon, is one of the oldest in Burma.

The Buddha is thought to have been established during the life of Gautama Buddha 2500s. The name of the Sule Nat, a ghost who used to live in the place where the Sule Nat is now. Sule preserves Buddha's locks of bristles. In Yangon there are countless couples and churches of different age.

Maha Wizaya is a very graceful maha wizaya wagon on a mound near the Shwedagon and preserves Buddha relicts. This newly constructed building is a mixture of contemporary and vernacular architectural style. Kaba Aye Cavern and the adjacent Maha Pasana Guha are constructed to house the Sixth Buddha Cavern, 2,500 years after the Gautama Buddha entered Nirvana.

It contains pictures of the four Buddhas who have arrived in Nirvana. Kyauk Taw Gyi pit near Yangon International Park is famous for its huge picture of Buddha-Marmor. This 37-foot painting, which weighs over 600 tons, was made from a simple sheet of sand. The Chauk Htat Gyi is one of the biggest Buddha pictures in Burma.

This 65-metre long picture is just over a hundred years old. On the other side of the road is the Nga Htat Gyi pit with a sitting picture of the Buddha in a gold outfit. This 14-metre high picture, known as the "five-storey Buddha", was constructed in 1900. Shwe Taw Myat Paya near Yangon International Yangon International Park was constructed to preserve a dental reliquary thought to be the Gautama Buddha's tootha.

Though a new fabric, the Shwe Taw Myat was constructed to look like the Eleventh C. Anandaagoda in Bagan.

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