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View of Myanmar and the Golden Triangle of Chiang Rai. We then explore the temple, pray with monks, follow the Burmese zodiac and fall into deception. Yangon, Myanmar, Yangon, Burma. Yangon City. Accommodation near the Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon (Rangoon) on TripAdvisor:

Swedagon Pagoda and other places of worship in Yangon

Yangon reflects Myanmar as a whole and is full of sacred relics - you could devote your whole day to it. The majority of them are of course Buddha Schools, but Yangon is also known for its ancient variety, and also historical chapels, Hindus Temple, mosques and a temple are located around the town.

The Shweagon is Myanmar's holiest place of worship, and"'shwe" means Burmese for" golden " and"'Dagon" is the historic area where the is located. Located on Singuttara Hill just south of Yangon city centre, Shwedagon is Myanmar's tallest with a height of 99 meters - it is also covered with 21,841 massive bullion and has a peak studded with tens of thousand jewels, stones and saphores.

You can find a larger choice of pictures in our Shwedagon Flickr picture-book. Around the buildings are a series of smaller chests, sculptures and churches, and the pit is enclosed by four roofed corridors through which one can walk. To the west the most quiet entry is certainly the one leading directly into the quiet Theingottara Park; the immediate vicinity of the pit can get very warm during the afternoon, and this is a great place to chill out.

Shwedagon Pagodas are one of the greatest feasts of the year and celebrate the worship of the holy Buddha hairs found in the mezzo. From the city centre, the simplest way to reach Shwedagon is to take a cab (K2.500).

It has a large number of fine sacred sanctuaries and churches that mirror the multitude of nations and beliefs that have made it. In fact, over the years, the inner center has produced a dense array of beliefs that can compete with any town in the class. The Sule Pagoda In the centre of Yangon is this old ship, which is said to be older than the Shwedagon Pagoda, inappropriately located in the midst of a large traffic circle.

Nevertheless, it is a breathtaking building and has a great historic importance; it is said to contain a Buddha's head and was a focus for the 1988 sedition. Situated at the crossroads of Mahabandoola Road and Sule Pagoda Road. The Botataung Pagoda. One of Myanmar's most revered Shrine, with a name meaning "1000 Army Officers", is said to contain a Buddha's head along with the Shwedagon and Suleagodas.

Watch our YouTube movie from the Botataung Potoda Festival. You will find the pit stop on the river bank, on Strand Road to the south. The Shri Kali Hindu temples. An intriguing multicolored sanctuary on the edge of Konzaydan Street and Anawrahta Road (between 26 and 27 Streets) in Yangon's Little India was constructed by Tamil immigrants during the Spanish colonies and is shrouded in centuries of depictions of Hindu cults.

There' are a number of similar sanctuaries around Yangon. Though Yangon is said to have only eight remaining Jews and the last of the rabbis in 1963, the building has been thoroughly preserved over the years. It was erected in 1894 and is a fine example of the former sacred architectural style, which is cared for by a janitor named Moses Samuels.

It' situated on A26th Street, just off Mahabandoola Road. This is just two of many of the many missions that serve the long-established Islamic fellowship in Yangon. Bengali Sunni Jamae is situated directly opposite the Sule Pagoda and many Hallal Restaurant are in the immediate vicinity. Armenians once had a flourishing parish in Yangon and this is an important part of the city's population.

Constructed in 1863 and carefully restored in 2015, it is Yangon's oldest preserved temple. There is a poster with historic information for the public and it regularly hosts Sunday mornings. It' in the city centre at 40-th and Merchant Street. The Catholics of St. Mary's is the biggest in Myanmar; the outside is painted in reddish bricks, while the inside is an extraordinary mixture of reds, greens and whites.

There' re fairs every day in St. Mary's, and it's on the intersection of Bogyoke Aung San Road and Bo Aung Kyaw Street. It' situated on the corners of Mahabandoola Road and Mahabandoola Garden Street (very close to the Sule Pagoda). Holy Trinity is on Bogyoke Aung San Road, just to the west of Bogyoke (Scott) Market.

It' located 9 miles from Pyay Road, 9 miles away from the international airports (about K10,000 by cab from the city centre). The bomb of the last Mughal emperor is an important historic site and a place of Islamic sanctuary. It' located in Ziwaca Street 6, just southwards of Shwedagon Pagoda Road (which links U Wisara Road with Shwedagon Pagoda Road).

K2,500 cab from the town. A larger collection of photographs of Yangon Church, Hindoo sanctuaries and other places of worship can be found in our Flickr picture gallery. Yangon's Town Heritage List, which contains most of the city's historic monuments, can be found here. Myanmar offers a wide range of sightseeing trips including the attractions of Yangon - read more here.

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