Yangon Temple Myanmar

Myanmar Yangon Temple

Then we explore the temple, pray with monks, follow the Burmese zodiac and fall into fraud. As the largest city in Myanmar, the former capital and economic metropolis. Swedagon Pagoda high above the vast skyline of Yangon. Locate hotels near Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar online. There is no trip to Myanmar without a visit to the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon.

Three breathtaking Yangon temples not to be missed.

When there is a Myanmar absolute bound to, it is the Buddha temple. Whilst the old town of Bagan, with 100 old cougars and Stupa, receives most of the glory, the astonishing Yangon temple is also definitely to visit. In order to prevent a poor case of temple tiredness, I have compiled a short listing of my favourites below!

If you approach Chaukhtatgyi Paya from the outside, the absence of a first gold lightning bolt in many other Yangon temples makes it difficult to see what the biggie is. However, if you just take one small steps inside, you will quickly see why this temple is so unique. Buddha lying inside is totally BIG.

This is an unbelievable character, with a calming, almost life-like look. Next to the huge lying Buddha there is an uncanny life-like sculpture of some of the most important abbesses and friars of this temple. It felt as if I had stepped into a small holy haven in the centre of the turmoil of Yangon after an hours or so.

Benedict XVI is everywhere and often goes to/from different meditations. From a technical point of view Yele is located about an hours from Yangon in the township Kyauktan, but it is definitely worthwhile to take the half-day-roadtrip. On Independence I came to visit so that the streets leading in and out of this small city were completely congested.

Before I didn't know so much about Yele or, of all the other Yangon sanctuaries, why it was mentioned by some natives at the Independence Day festivals as a must. Yele is located in the middle of the Hmaw Wun and can only be reached by shaky woodcraft.

The Kyauktan Yele Pagoda was built in the third millennium B.C. and has a much more intimate feel than many of the other Yangon monasteries. In different parts of the temple you can buy small puffy biscuits for a small gift. And Yele also has a wonderful library of buddhistic arts, although it looked like most people were just loitering and enjoy each other.

There is no full listing of Yangon sanctuaries without the Shwedagon Pod. This is not only the holiest of the pagodas in Myanmar, but also one of the biggest. It is so high that one can often see the pointed gold tower over different parts of Yangon.

It surrounds the solid gold coloured marble and has different coloured textures at the outside of it. No wonder Shwedagon was one of the most congested Yangon Temple I have tried. Here you have it - my favourite Yangon temple I have been to in Myanmar!

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