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Editors: Directory and Guide. That directory is coming soon. Yangon.com Phone Book - White Pages Yangon: It is Myanmar's first biggest town and the world' s biggest forty-nine. It is a former Burmese capitol (Myanmar) and the capitol of the Yangon region.

It is a word combining the two words Yangon and kun, which mean "enemies" and "leakage" respectively.

The Yangon was established as Dagon in the early eleventh c. (1028â1043) by the Mon, who ruled Lower Burma at that age. 1755 King Alaungpaya took Dagon, re-named it "Yangon" and added villages around Dagon. Yangon was taken over by the British during the First Anglo-Burmese Wars (1824â26), but was given back to the government of Burma after the conflict.

In 1841 the town was burned down. The Yangon is situated in Lower Burma (Myanmar) at the confluence of the Yangon and Bago Rivers, about 30 km from the Gulf of Martaban. Myanmar. Yangon. White pages. et des Pages Blanches Yangon.

Global Government Directory of Intergovernmental Organisations 2013

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Yangon, the megacity: Transformational processes and modern developments : Runners-Up - Frauke Kraas, Hartmut Gaese

What is new are the proportions of GDP expansion, concentration of populations, infrastructures, economic strength and decision-making - and the concurrent, self-reinforcing accelerating process of change. However, we must be careful not to make general comments, as we cannot ignore disparities in terms of output, societal cohesion, infrastructural circumstances and government structures: Aim of the paper is to analyze the present transformations of Yangon/Myanmar as leader of the spear of national developments, as well as the link to Southeast Asia and the rest of the globe.

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