Yangon Taxi from Airport to City

From Yangon Airport to the City

What does a taxi ride cost? Note: Do not change money at the airport as the government offers an absurd exchange rate. Downtown Clover City Center in Yangon, Myanmar: It is best to take a taxi from the airport arrival hall to the city centre. Some shopkeepers and a taxi driver spoke some English, although it was not widely spoken.

Travel expenses in Myanmar (Burma)

Burma uses Kyats (pronounced more like chets) currencies. One of the most efficient ways to get cash in Myanmar is to swap US dollars at one of the many Yangon coin changers. US$ is generally acceptable for formal matters such as lodging and transport. It is important to change US$ to Kyats for everyday needs such as eating.

Please note: Do not change currency at the airport as the goverment is offering an unreasonable currency quote. A taxi from Yangon airport to the city centre can be paid in US dollars and then exchanged with one of the merchants on the central market for a reasonable price. As there are NO ATMs in Myanmar, it is necessary to bring enough US dollars in currency to meet the cost of your whole journey to the state.

During my whole time in Yangon the whole city was down for a while. Foreign nationals are not allowed by the authorities to spend the night in the locals' residences, and hotels/guesthouses must have appropriate permits. Yangon's largest city has a few places to accommodate aliens, but they are not as inexpensive as much of Southeast Asia.

These are some examples of overnight expenses: Doubleroom: about $8 - $14 for 2, I payed $13 per overnight (divided by 2) at the Golden Smiles Inn in Yangon. There are many of the city's main towns within walking distance. When you want to reach other places around Yangon City, taxi fares are quite reasonable.

Taxi: From the airport to the city centre the official ticket price is $10. I took a taxi in the city from the centre to the Thiri Mingalar Square for 2000 Kyat, maybe 10 km outside the city. Citybus: Fun and always at maximum speed, the coach even pushes in and out the crowd to stop more quickly, 200k yats per trip.

Maybe you'll see some interesting things in the back of the little truck, 200 kyat a run. from Yangon to Mandalay: Yangon to Inle Lake: Myanmar's costs for groceries are what you might call highly reasonable. A great range of home-cooked dishes can be bought for 500 - 1500 Kyat per dish.

One level above this in more beautiful streetside eating places with barbecued seafood is about 2500 - 3000 Kyat per one. My best nighttime experience was in Yangon, Myanmar, not with booze, but with tee at the roadside with a soccer game on TV. Not everywhere you can get it for about 1600 Kyat perĀ bottles.

Example of the costs of attractions in Myanmar (Burma): There is a $10 departure tax on your departure from Burma at the airport, which must be settled with a nice, neat bill!

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