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Ibis Styles Stadium, Yangon (Rangoon): The long-awaited Yangon water taxi service will start operating on the third week of May. In our business directory you will find the list of companies that offer the best taxi service in Yangon. I' m Wai Yan Wa Yoke, but you can call me Wai, I' m a resident of Yangon. Yangon is the capital of the Yangon region in Myanmar, also known as Burma, if you don't want to pay too much for a taxi from Yangon.


Like you probably know, Uber is here! And with another of Silicon Valley's hotest Silicon Valley engineers courageously entering Burma's taxi markets, it's finally the right moment to summarize and evaluate Yangon's key taxi services: Tomb is a Singapore company with a unique trading concept that evolved from the highly challenging taxi industry in Malaysia.

Grab steals a walk on Uber and is available in Yangon since May. It is a complete, easy-to-use and dependable application for viewing near-by riders, offering fast and precise waiting time. It offers the possibility of paying by credit cards (currently not possible in Yangon) and allows you to plan your trips in the near to you.

I only tried to use Grab in Yangon at 3am in despair when I needed an elevator to the airfield. No wonder that there were no pixel driver on the Yangon cybercard. The next one was different and showed why most folks are still the first answer to their question about taxi service.

Comparing with a few haggling weary riders, the prices seemed to be the same as for a foreign driver. After using the feature several time now, I can attest that it still works and Grab still offers the competitive benefits of value for money, a large driver base and a straightforward, easy-to-use user experience.

Furthermore, the Group is currently implementing a bonus point system and rotating promotional code on a month-by-month basis as an intelligent way to competing in this highly-competitive market. Hello Cabs have been in Yangon for some time, but in April the on-demand taxi system (an innovative solution in Yangon, a former haggle city) was introduced with the launch of a new application that offers a relatively basic interface: similar to Grab, but without the language of Poland.

I had a straightforward issue with Hello Cabs - the application just didn't seem to work. Lastly, believing in giving things a 7th chance, I made one last try to call a taxi with the capp. Forty five mins later - after having waited, cancelled and jumped in a vehicle a few meters from my home - I got a call from a Hello Cabs rider dog who was seated patently off my road.

Has it been goodbye to Hello Cabs? Hello Cabs proved to be more than a taxi ride. There is a wide choice of rentals: the vehicle pool includes most vehicle models - limousines, MPVs, high-end drives, S. U.V. units, and the vehicle hire includes self-drive, long-distance drives and single taxi drives.

It is perhaps the most mature supplier in this sector, and these are naturally not provided by Uber und Grab. This was not apparent in the application - which would make sense in view of the intensified taxi business in Yangon.

I advise Hello Cabs: Keep to what you do best. In Myanmar, Oway, another of Myanmar's most established companies started out in the more conventional transportation markets, offering low-cost air and coach travel throughout the state. That ability has gone into the new application - which works superbly (like Grab, the GPS is a little behind and regardless of where I want to be dumped, the application tries fascinatingly and consequently to make a trip to Station 31 for me.

But as we know, Yangon's maps and navigation devices are not yet 100 per cent reliable) and offer customers a whole host of easy-to-use functions. One of the company's remarkable innovations is the Track Friend's Ride function, which is designed to provide great convenience to timid parent, eager friends and envious spouse throughout Yangon.

But it was great when it was introduced in London (and, no question, New York, Singapore, Tokyo etc.). She democratized the ludicrously inflated taxi supermarket, destroyed the exclusive rights of the dark taxi and offered a secure, legal and responsible to the client experience. Some years later, despite the rush of the competitors, Uber's easy, minimal,'pin-drop' user interfaces are still the smoothest on the open source web site, and the application works like a charme.

And after some - undoubtedly - fiercely contested negotiations of the US Giants, we can now begin Uber in Yangon. The next morning I tried again and was taken in a normal taxi. That' s uncommon for people who normally rent cars - maybe a provision of the Myanmar Treaty to allay the anxieties of the mighty base taxi-laobby?

{\a6} (Check with Reuters, confirmed.) The drive was unbeurprisingly, exactly the same as a conventional taxi voyage... besides the fact that I was given the prize of the voyage at the end of the voyage, as, after a few nerve-wracking seconds of gazing hopefully at a small screen that carefully uncovered driver's polite intelligent device, it' very naughty charge.

All in all - measured by the costs and waiting time - despite Uber's glossy surface and all the bells and pipes that work so well abroad, I still see no recognizable reasons to use the Yangon services. It' certainly the most user-friendly, well-branded and progressive application on the open source webpage.

Due to this (and also because of the very large budgets that Uber commands) when limitations on driver and car are removed in accordance with other lands that use the facility, I have a notion that Uber prevails. Undoubtedly, the entrance of Uber und Grab into the taxi bus in Yangon will be a blessing for all of you.

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