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Yangon, the country's largest city and crown jewel, has the most colonial buildings in Southeast Asia. Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake. A trip to Yangon is like a journey through time. Stroll through Yangon, past sights and places of interest. Explore the best places for photography in Yangon!

The perfect guide to 15 places in Yangon that MUST be explored!

Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon; currently one of the most loved places in Myanmar to be visited, has gradually gained national and international acclaim and attracts visitors from all over the globe. Some of the best places of interest are full of cultural, spiritual and normative sights that can be seen when strolling with the Yangon walkers, or strolling through the city by car or rail, which is up to you, we suggest the first one.

There may be some undermining of the opportunities to experience various things in this city, but the place has so much to showcase that only the top 15 of Yangon's many activities can be underlined. This is the right place to experience the real beauties of the place.

Make yourself comfortable in fresh food at once, go directly to the best restaurants in the area. They can experience the work, bravery and devotion of the salespeople. Colourful roads, bustling habits let you experience the place up close. Experience the Shiny Shwedagon Pagoda!

It is about 99 metres long and visible from most places in the cityscape. Yangon's core is shining so light when the light is reflected by the sundra! The pagoda (temple) lets you live in all its splendour the rites of religion and spirituality. Mixing different civilizations in this place, you will find variety in all its shapes, the most densely inhabited by Yangon; Mingalar Taung Nyunt Market has some of the best restaurants in this town!

Hotels, spas, malls and all kinds of fairs are easy to find here. A more subtle, less lively and with all the beauties of the place, you can see the major sights of the cityscape! Ignite your spirit with the soule page! It is not only another Yangon holocaust shrine encircled by places of worship, the temple is perhaps half the big of the Shwedagon holocaust shrine, but it is one of the most sacred churches in the world.

The Sule Pagoda, which is also surrounded by close sights and edifices, is a fascinating place to improve your spirituality. A good landscape is a bonuses, experience one of the most wonderful sunrises here. Best barbecue in Yangon, here we come! Perfect for the monsun, go for a stroll and watch the lovely ponds, unwind and let go!

The tranquillity can be emphasized by the parks and the sea, which is located in the perfect place of the town, where you can even see the high temple. An oblique 65 metre long sculpture of a Buddhist who is one of the most intriguing places in Yangon. It must be one of the most economical characteristics in Yangon, as it is free and the view is not to be miss, a definitive pail listing that is worth it.

This is the place to go if antique artefacts, relicts, remains are your thing. The itinerary is a very comfortable and economical way to get around Yangon. There is a 3-hour round tour of the city where you can enjoy a 360-degree world. It may be a good choice for beginners, but in the end it might even turn out to be a goodbye drive where you can see the little things for the last while!

Together with the places you get to know the Yangon folk with their high points during the whole outing. When you' re out there to get inspired and find the intention of recognizing new things, religions and testimony cultures first handed, then this is the place for you! There is even a night life in Yangon.

This is the best part of the evening, the whole place looks like a magical place illuminated by chains of light, in short, right from the film! As a rule, Yangon hostels provide economic opportunities when it comes to accommodation, not this! You can even take a trip in their own cabin trip, a trip in a warm aeroplane or an elaborate meal, call it and it is there.

Marvel at the Maha Wizaya Pagoda: Every temple has its own thing, the Maha Wizaya Temple offers a tranquil ambience that gives a contemporary look at the present day. There shows wildlife, humans and some incidental things generally on the rooftop wall through paintings and other works of art, you could lay down and watch the magnificent views there and enjoy the subtleness of everything.

Drive the Yangon River! The Yangon allows you to meet the local people, you can also take a shuttle through the other cities close by. Yangon has many hotels that offer the possibility to travel through the Yangon rivers, with exhilarating package deals and service at a reasonable rate.

It is possible to choose to visit the above mentioned places and let yourself be pampered by the many singularly arranged churches, each with its own meaning and singularature. Yangon is a city of great variety of culture that is slowly developing into one of the best places in Myanmar.

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