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You wonder what to do in Yangon? Yangon's many sights and day trips are waiting to be discovered by you. Yangon is a half day city tour that gives us the opportunity to enjoy the best sights of the city in such a short time. Yangon, Myanmar's former capital and largest city, is the country's most important trading centre. Discover Yangon's main attractions in an old Chevrolet passenger bus.

Yangon Tour - Yangon Market and Gastronomy Tour

The Total Yangon Tour lets you see everything in one single tour! We' ve put together two of our best-selling Yangon trips (Let Yangon Take You For a Ride and Yangon's Streets by Night) into one of our bestselling series. Begin your journey by going beyond the center of the town to see a true cross-section of Yangon people.

We board the slowly moving trains and watch the vibrant and colorful city. We will experience the whole three-hour cycle with a pits stop to attend a vibrant community fair. We' ll be spending about 45 min. walking through the stands, seeing salesmen and watching the city.

The Yangon trip continues when we get back on the rail and drive towards the city centre, where we have a meal in one of the locals' dining places and take part in a popular locals pastime: people-watching! In the afternoon we walk through the bustling roads full of stores and sell everything from walnuts to Myanmar rolls.

There is Bogyoke Market near by, you can enjoy a relaxing beach meal at the Strand Park or take in the cool breezes of Kandawgyi Park, which are 10 to 15 minutes walking distance from the second half of our itinerary. If you have been exploring on your own, drive back to the Asia Plaza for the second half of this Total Yangon World!

After our rest we reassemble and drive to the square as it comes to life at sundown. However, if all the commotion in the markets lets you look for peace, you will get your Zen dosage as you get past both Buddhist and Hindus on your way to China Town.

You might stop for a fresh beverage and a treat - maybe a glass of freshly pressed sugar cane syrup in a grocery store or at a cafe. It is the place to eat on the streets of Yangon, with a lot of open -air dining, lively lives and many beers.

You will be pampered with some of your favorite treats and a glass of pint to complete this one-of-a-kind game. Guided visit, English language guides, trains, tea/coffee, lunches, a few light refreshments, beers at the end of the itinerary. All you need is your own belongings, extra meals and beverages, taxis back to the hotels, tipps for your guides and drivers.

Kids between 6 and 11 years are allowed on this trip at the prices mentioned above. Kids under 6 years are not allowed on this trip.

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