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Other tips for Yangon Sightseeing. The epithets that come to mind immediately when you are in Yangon are probably chaotic, stressful, post-apocalyptic. Read our guide to the best attractions in Yangon (Rangoon), selected by our travel experts. Yangon's colonial buildings are best seen around Maha Bandoola Park. The most exotic of all Southeast Asian cities.

Canadian Yangon Top 10 Tours & Sightseeing Tours (w/prices)

Yangon, the former capitol of Myanmar (Burma), can be explored on an all-day citydrive! Under the guidance of a qualified instructor you will get an impression of the lives of..... Experience the best of Yangon with this all-day personal guided tours from Yangon Town or Yangon Aiport. A half days birdwatching trip in Yangon gives you the chance to visit Hlawga Park.

Your expert tourist guides will be on hand during this trip..... Take the half-day trip to see some of Yangon's attractions, guided by a qualified English speaker. You' re visiting the Shwedagon Pagoda,.... The 3-hour hike is for a small group of up to 8 persons, guided by an expert English speaker.

The hike concentrates on.... Discover the tradition and ritual of Yangon's Shwedagon Padoga on a 4-hour hike. Find out about places that are not listed in any travel guides and savour a..... The Yangon Walks are a great way to see more of the town, especially architectural, cultural and historical issues that would normally be overlooked.

It is a tasteful trip as it offers a large selection of dishes that you will find all over Myanmar! Home to unforgettable and unforgettable places, Bago is a place that, like other renowned Myanmar tourist attractions, is well deserved to do. All day city walk through Yangon with the most important sights of Yangon and its surroundings:

There are at least three fine arts galeries to be visited, among them: The River Gallery, Lokanat Gallery and Besides so many nice old churches and palagodas, Yangon also..... On this astonishing half days trip in Dhala you will have a great chance to see the way..... Discover the former Myanmar capitol with its centuries-old palaces and splendid architectural style of the UK.

You can enjoy the 12-hour sightseeing in Yangon with our..... A 4-hours Yangon gallery discovery trip gives you the chance to see a large selection of indigenous fine arts galeries, such as the..... Take this 3-hour hike and discover Myanmar's biggest town, Yangon, with your expert guides.

Get to know the story of the area while visiting Sule Paya and.... Catch the full Yangon adventure in this all-inclusive trip! Take the train to areas that are not often seen by visitors, where you can see the surroundings..... Uncover the mysterious of Burma and get to know the heritage architecture story with our English language expert guides.

Visiting the world-famous..... Spend half a full working days to explore the sights of Yangon. This is a trip to all the important historic and culture sights of Yangon, the biggest town in the whole wide globe.....

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