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Myanmar Yangon Restaurants

This is Shwe Sa Bwe, Yangon, Burma. The Shwe Sa Bwe is a training centre for restaurants. We' ve put together a representative selection of restaurants that offer different types of cuisine. Let's be clear: Yangon Restaurant is not cheap. Although Yangon's local Burmese cuisine can be exceptionally good, it is undeniably more of an acquired taste than that of neighboring countries.

Yangon's best restaurants

Yangon's fast-developing gastronomic landscape makes the town the new foody port of Southeast Asia. These are the best restaurants of Yangon's domestic and foreign cuisines, courtesy of PARKROYAL Picks, your own tour guide. From the Aung Mingalar Shan Noodle Restaurant, a vibrant place in the fashionable Yaw Min Gyi Quarter, it's only a four-minute stroll to the lodge.

It' a great mixture of Shan and regional food that has received enthusiastic critics. The roasted knödel are also very recommendable - a must for everyone who finds himself in this place. Only 11 minutes by car from the lodge, the Padonmar is one of the few restaurants in Yangon that serves genuine Myanmar cooking with home made produce.

In a historical mansion where Aung San Suu Kyi once had an agency, House of Memories offers a selection of ancient furnishings and an elaborate dining and beverage list that will please hungering gourmets in search of genuine Myanmar cooking that doesn't taste like a bombshell. The Myanmar Ethnic Restaurateurs Association (EREMA), House of Memories Yangon Restaurant is a powerful supporter of the preservation and enhancement of Burma's gastronomy on the global scene.

First try here how you want genuine Myanmar foods to flavour! The Taing Yin Thar Restuar provides a large selection of Myanmar cuisine from various Myanmar tribes, such as Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Mon, Bamar, Rakhine and Shan. Part of EREMA, this is another great place to try interesting Myanmar cuisine from almost every part of the world.

In fact, they do without MSG and use a wide range of different seasonings to flavour their cuisine! Owner and operator is Ma Bo, an adventurous young lady who has lived in Thailand for over ten years, and the Green Gallery is both a modest neighbourhood and an original Thai cuisine that attracts people from all over the town.

It' an early night walk along historical Pansodan Street and savour the city's history before enjoying Burma's exquisite, multicultural food in this camp-style dining room. The Rangoon Teahouse was founded by a native British expatriate and serves meals such as Burma seafood stews, Indian-ish peas samosas and pigbao, and modern products such as cheesecakes.

Le Planteur is probably the best restaurant in town and is located in a villa with a view of Lake Inya. Michelin star chef Gil Dumoulin controls the kitchen for 4 different conceptions within the rooms - home cooking dinning room, a wineroom, a restaurant in the yard (where the famous high teas are served) and a café for cosy dinners.

Bookings are highly recommanded as Le Planteur is just outside the city centre, about 20 min by car from PARKROYAL Yangon.

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