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Yangon's best Mexican homestyle and gourmet food in an excellent location with affordable prices for every budget. The Cellier, Wine Bar & Restaurant, Yangon (Rangoon): Addictive Club Restaurant and Bar, the goodbye is addictive! In the Palms Hotel you will find the most expensive burger in the world. Yangon (Rangoon):

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I' m a big admirer of this restaurant, my favourite Chinese-Burmese place in the area. The restaurant looks small the first time you enter, but there are more seats at the back of the restaurant. Myanmar tealeaf lettuce is a must for every dining room. Every bit is streaked with tealeaf flavor.

Eating is done by spooning the pancakes with the ketchup or by dipping the pancakes directly into the sauces. And the best part is the marmalade. It is fried with cloves of cloves and soya, the intense flavour of cloves makes it unbelievably delectable.

Myanmar curried chickens are also very good. You are using reddish instead of amber. Be sure to tell the restaurant how hot it should be. This is a great place to be! All in all I really enjoy the meal here and the services are great. The ambience of this restaurant is first and foremost very appealing.

Dinner was great and well-dosed. Then we ordered the tealeaf lettuce, followed by savoury, dry-fried coffee-bean, savoury minced lettuce and Nan-Gyi-Toke. It' a great experience, everyone is very kind and alert. The best place in the country. I have to try fried sorghum oranges, burmesian curries. It has excellent meats and excellent services.

I' ve tried the lettuce and the Singapore St. Pasta today. You know, Yan Gam is one of my favourite places on Broadway. Oh, I like this place, it's great! Some good stuff and really good people running this restaurant. This is my first restaurant in Burma and will definitely be back. A great delicacy with great cuisine.

Best Myanmar meal we tried in SF. Your meal is always spot-on (you will see a mixture of Myanmar foods like curries and noodles and China like Kungpao chickens or Mongol beef and so on). I ordered my work from here for shipment. I' ve ordered the boiled chickens, bovine meat and mongolic cattle.

Dinner was all right. Scramble 5 Seafood 5,0 Services 5. Consequently, the services were bad. Dinner was good, but not good. In this area in particular there are several hundred delicious Asiatic cuisine. We had a great laugh when our boss supplied the lettuce.....

I was very satisfied with our meals and this restaurant is on our shortlist of "must-visits" in the area! This is an excellent place! And I also like the restaurant's relaxing and clean environment. Lovin' the dinner, too. It would be Burma if Thai foods and Thai foods had a newborn!

And good meals and good managment. You don't use MSG in their nutrition, a big plus for me, except some things have porridge that MSG has, so if you need to Avoid MSG, like me, don't ask for any porridge sauces. I am a very good lover of eating, but very expensive and small servings to take away.

The Yangon seems like a great ethnical complement to any Bay Area neighbourhood. It' s calm, modest and the customerservice is good. I saw a better way to make this lettuce somewhere else, but I'm sure they would have solved the issue if we had said it to them.

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