Yangon Restaurant Guide

The Yangon Restaurant Guide

The FIRST Shan Style Fine Dining Restaurant in Yangon! We will accompany and support you during the entire planning and execution phase. On a YouTube video, when I asked where to eat in Yangon, one of the answers that came most often was the Minn Lan Restaurant. Camaryut Township, Yangon, Myanmar t: The Leaf is Myanmar's first real Indian fine dining restaurant in Yangon.

There are five check-out places in Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon, Myanmar, is one of the most genuine and harshest places I have travelled in recent years. On my week-end trip to Yangon I spent the night in one of the Horizon Club rooms in Sule Shangri-La, Yangon. Anything I struggled with during my sojourn ('cause I'm a pretty adventurous traveller') was where I could find dinner - so I put together five of my favorite Yangon cuisine.

I would have to choose a place that was discussed on TripAdvisor or Reiseblogs in general, it would have to be 999 Shan Noodle Shop. Situated directly behind the Town Hall on the 34th Street, 999 Shan Noodles is a favourite with travelers from all over the world. Certainly feeling like a'tourist place', but apparently the meal still remains faithful to the regional one.

In all honesty, I wasn't quite sure what I ordered - I just recall that there were different versions of pasta, with the possibility of eating either dried or in a bowl - I chose both (because I didn't know which one to choose), but really chose the dried one.

Gekko reminds of a indoor coctail lounges and serves tasty yeakitori, Sushi (which I have not tasted) and meticulously prepared cakes. It is a restaurant that obviously addresses foreign guests and you will certainly see the higher prices and menus. You had a free-flow fresh air sandwich when I went to it one week-end - it only cost $25 for dinner and $35 with free-flowing beers, but hey, I didn't come to Yangon to drink free sandwiches (I didn't come here to go to a pub either, but hey, you won some, you lost some).

While not many folks know this, the Japanese style of cocktails was created by the 28 Hong Kong Street speakersasy bars in Singapore. It also has two separate rooms and it has one of the quickest wireless broadband lines in Yangon (yes, that's right, fibre!).

The meal was delicious and every meal I tried was just right! When you don't want to take your chances, you should choose the normal good meal - you have a really good choice of whisky and saké - but otherwise you will find some interesting prescriptions on the dashboard.

That' s why the pictures taken here are awfully nasty, but please be patient with them, as the meal on the other side was breathtaking - I wish I had found it a little sooner on my journey so I could come back for another visit, but there is always another one (... and I definitely have to go back when the Yangon Peninsula opens at last).

So, I didn't try the Mohinga (which I tried on another day) because I didn't like the first one and I knew I had to order it when I saw Coconut Noodles on the cuisine. As a houseguest with Horizon Club entrance, I had the opportunity to have my breakfasts at the Horizon Club or to have a full lunch at Café Sule.

There was a really amazing choice in the restaurant and there is a special place where the typical Myanmar cuisine is offered to everyone who wants to try it - I also think it's a great place to begin with the typical Myanmar cuisine before setting out to try the meals you really like.

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