Yangon Regional Government Address

Address of the Regional Government of Yangon

the Constitution is not in a position to address the most important issues facing the system and therefore to renegotiate? Investment and Business Management Directorate Mr. Borg held meetings with the civil servants and the contractors and provided information on the refurbishment work. Which is DICA? DICA is the Directorate of Investments and Business Administration and is in authority to process the registration of companies for domestic and international companies under the Myanmar Companies Law.

She is also the Secretariat of the Myanmar Investmentcommission (MIC), which is competent for capital expenditure requests.

Number One Thitsar Road, Yankin Township, Yangon.

The Yangon regional government drew up the plans to promote regional economy expansion, in particular the expansion of developed areas and small businesses, with a particular emphasis on farming, industries and service provision.

Yangon's regional government will be implementing the regional planning this year with a public-private partnerships (PPP) system, regional planning and finance minister U Myint Thaung said on 16 March. The Yangon Regional Roadmap was presented by U Myint Thaung to the Yangon Regional Legislator on 16 March during the six-month transitional phase from April to September 2018.

They contained a briefing of the regional planning document. We have already presented these proposals to the National Planning Commission. We' ve also done a viability review and tried to put the project into practice with a Public Private Partnership system, without the government's budget," said U Myint Thaung.

In order to create financial openness, the regional government has drawn up a number of planning schemes to help the region's industry develop and small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) grow. Proposals for those schemes have been thoroughly examined and prepared by the government, taking into consideration the need to reconcile finance and investment.

He added that the Tunisian government's budgetary support for the project will be implemented in various different areas. Expenditures to be anticipated in the individual segments are outlined in the target and presented in detail. It has also set its objectives and the anticipated rise in Yangon region gross domestic product. There are three main government sectors: the agricultural industry, the industry and the service industry.

"The bill for the regional planning projekt extends from April to September 2018. "From April to September 2017, gross domestic product grew by 7.4 per cent. This year we want to rise to 8.6 percent," said U Myint Thaung. Administrations are committed to prioritising the expansion of the manufacturing sectors and will rapidly put in place policies and reform in this area.

Yangon's head of parliaments will raise this matter in the next sitting of this House.

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