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Situated in southern Myanmar, the Yangon region borders. About the Yangon Region - Print; E-Mail. Cards of Myanmar states and departments. You can download the perfect pictures of the Yangon region Myanmar Burma.

What lunar and solar eclipses can be seen in Port of Yangon, Yangon region, Myanmar and what do they look like?

11 Yangon region metropolitan areas to be developed

Yangon region government intends to build new industry parks in 11 cities outside Yangon, according to U Nay Win, Pyithu Hluttaw agent in Thongwa Yangon regionownship. Yangon Regional Government Prime Minister U Phyo Min Thein held a meeting last weekend with members of the Yangon Regional Assembly and the competent governmental authorities to debate the construction of the new Sites.

These new areas will boost the inflow of FDI into Yangon and provide more jobs for the local population. "We want to get these plans off the ground quickly," said U Nay Win, Pyithu Hluttaw's agent in Thongwaownship in Yangon region, who took part in the December 2 event.

Yangon's government has planned 11 cities in which an industry area can be built. This includes Yangon's counties like Khayan, Thongwa, Thanlyin, Kyauktan, Kungyangon, Dala, Kawhmu and Twantay as well as the counties of Hmawbi, Hlegu, Htantabin, Taik Gyi. Each industry area will be 1,000 acre.

Whilst such areas are likely to help the local population by attracting foreign direct investment and generating employment, the first step is for the authorities to provide adequate and dependable infrastructures such as power, road and sea, several of the firms participating in the construction of the areas said. U Ko Lay, President of the South Dagon Industry Park, said that even the current industry areas have restricted electrical power supply.

Currently there are over 30 industry areas in Yangon. Of these, the biggest is the industry park Tharyar, where around 300,000 employees work in more than 700 plants. However, the building of such areas has, as we know, led to frictions with the development driven out community. According to press coverage, the number of interim homes in the Tharyar district of the city was 10,000 in 2015, compared with only 1,000 in 2012.

Yangon Region Government will also pay compensation to landowners affected by the developments in Yangon's developed areas. The start of building is anticipated before the end of the financial year, according to U Nay Win.

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