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State of Yangon Gov't tenders private industrial zone

On 16 February, the government of the Yangon region put out to bid a call for tenders for the construction of a small industry area on a 550 hectare site in the municipality of Dagon (East) in the East District. Companies interested in this scheme must provide a set of plan documents, facts on the environment, work experience and information about their past contracted projects," said U Than Myint, Yangon Region Minister of Planning and Economy, Myanmar Business Today.

In addition, a suggestion must be made on the level of investment for the investment, which includes the costs for each phase of the investment, and how the profits will be distributed between the enterprise and the government of the Yangon region. "It is a transition time in our state and if the draft is not presented to the Hluttaw, it will violate the constitutional provision (258)," she said.

"In the past, developed areas were designed on simple rice paddies, where companies had to design the land themselves, and it became a disadvantage for small and medium-sized companies. With the necessary infrastructure in place, it will be operational," said U Ko Lay, Chairman of the South Dagon lndustrial Zone (2).

Businesses interested in carrying out the projects must send in a proposal and an entry request by 11 March. The bidding document can be bought from the Yangon Regional Government Office for K50,000, of which K100 million must be submitted to the Myanmar Economic Bank for bidding. The Yangon Region Government website states that there are 30 industry areas within the Yangon region.

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In order to attend the organization of the Administration of the Republic of Myanmar for the Kingdom System of Majesty, General, Head of the City, Head of the Territory, Head of the Village to manage the State since self-government studying. Then Myanmar was invaded by the colonist who was colonized as his administrative system of the Colon.

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