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Rain Yangon

Precipitation in Rangoon, Yangon, Myanmar. The average rainfall (precipitation, snow) in millimeters per month in Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma) in a nice overview. All the weather reports of the last weeks in Yangon with ups and downs. You will experience less rain the further north you come from Yangon. Yangon, Burma (Myanmar) Chile's Chaiten volcanic eruption.

Precipitation in Rangoon, Yangon, Myanmar Average precipitation and wet weather

Rangoon, Yangon pulls an annual mean of 2681 mm (105.6 in) or 223.4 mm (8.8 in) per months. There are 125-day a year averages with more than 0.1 mm (0.004 in) or 10.4 day a week with a lot of rains, hail, snow, etc. per months.

Most dry February is when the rains fall anually 2 mm (0.1 in). Wetest is in August, when there is an annual fall of 602 mm (23.7 in).

Yangon climate: Temperature, climograph, climate chart for Yangon

The Yangon has a subtropical atmosphere. It rains much less in Yangon in winters than in summers. In Yangon the mean seasonal temperatures are 27.3 °C. Averages of 2378 mm per year. January is the dryest months with 3 mm rain. Most of the fallout is in June, averaging 516 mm.

April is the hottest of the year with an annual mean of 30.3°C. In January, the year' s minimum mean annual summer sun. Rainfall is 513 mm between the dryest and wetest months. Throughout the year, mean annual operating ambient temp. fluctuates by 5.5 °C.


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