Yangon Railway Station

The Yangon Train Station

The main station of Yangon (Burmese: ?????

?? ????????[jà??ò?? bùdàd?í]), located in the center of Yangon, is the largest station in Myanmar. Central Yangon Station, Yangon (Rangoon): Adresse, Yangon Central Railway Station Reviews : Myanma Railways' history dates back to Burma's colonial period. Living at Yangon Central Railway Station.

The Yangon Train Station

Myanma Railways' origins go back to Burma's settlement. Myanmar had the concept of establishing a rail system in 1880. Emperors of Britain were planning a railway line between Phitsanoluk in the north of Thailand (formerly Kingdom of Siam) and Moulmein in Burma. In early 1939, when the Japonese armed services took over all of Southeast Asia, they took the lead in the construction of the railroad.

The only purpose was to use the railway as a line of transport for military and military material to the front in Burma with the hidden motif of the invasion of India.

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Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) Since its initial building in 1877, Yangon Central Station has been an important transport connection for the Myanmar population. With the extension of the railway line, the station became the core of a more than 5,000 km long railway system that connects the whole nation - from Upper Burma and the Shan Hills to the southwest in Tanintharyi.

As the station has grown, so has the population of both temporary and long-term inhabitants, from passers-by who travel the next morning to a constant fellowship of station staff, sentries, food vendors and the shelterless. The Yangon Central Railway Station is a symbol of Myanmar and every single working days its stations and terminals are visited by tens of millions of people.

Every evening some of these folks lay mattresses or find sleeping places on the station bench. Living in the ward brings some benefits to this group. Constant guard duty provides safety for the population. Flowing waters, which are not always available in the houses in Yangon, are available for swimming and sip.

For the more durable inhabitants of the station, however, their lives could soon be transformed. The Myanma Railways plans to rehabilitate the area with "railways, high-rise construction, extensive access and transportation systems".

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