Yangon Pyay Express

The Yangon Pyay Express

In Yangon there is a busy city and travelling during office hours can be busy. We drive via Yangon to Pyay, which is easy. Can Htoo Aung; Shwe Pyay Lwin; Myint;

Htet Aung Lin. Ygn Pyay Aung Lan-Tha Yet. From Yangon to Pyay and Mawla- myine there are good train connections.

Timetable of trains

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Burma - Helmut K├Âllner, Axel Bruns

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Please note that information about availabilty, cost and other information can vary over night and the wheather also affects the available means of transportation. Keep up to date with predeparture warnings and be ready to make changes to your plan. The most important holiday locations are Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle and Heho.

Airline companies are currently expanding the available services and announcing new regular service schedules. With the number of tourists increasing and increased competitiveness, airline companies are upgrading their fleet. In the high seasons (November to March), if possible, booking in advanced if the flight can be reserved by groups of tourists.

There may be changes to timetables without prior notification and cancellations may be made without prior notification. Most of the busses are run by privately owned enterprises. Staying in a night coach is not an easier task, but if you are well equipped, the journey with the (air-conditioned) coach is not a silly one. Located on long lines, e.g. between Yangon and Mandalay.

It has no restrooms on the coach, but it often makes a stop, even at night. Usually they go over night. Usually these older busses are used on short distances between the city and remote places, e.g. Yangon to Pyay. You can look forward to better means of transportation in Yangon in the nearhood. Recently, a Japan based manufacturer recently announces the export of a 3,000 new busses to the US.

Timeliness differs in all coaches. Some areas do not allow travellers to take the roads, especially near the Thai frontier. Travelling within the large touristic cities is legal in Myanmar and is supported. Night buses: Many busses run over night. A night coach can get chilly.

As a rule, night busses reach their destinations early in the day. During the day, if you want to see a tour from the windows, you can find busses between the towns. Travelling with small kids can become a test drive on longer distances, especially in the less comfy busses. This is not advisable in minibuses and busses, which are usually outdated, overcrowded and inconvenient.

Dates and rates are subject to constant changes. A Yangon to Mandalay tickets costs about US$8 - $10. Keep in mind that the streets can be very tough and busses often stop. When you are only halfway on a coach line, you often have to cover the full price.

It' possible for visitors to use the city' s own currencies, the" Chat", to buy a ticket in the most important sights. During the high seasons, along the major touristic lines, you should try to buy your ticket a few day or longer in advanced. Riverships are a slow but pleasant way to get around the towns and enjoy Myanmar's rivers ideals.

The most important rivers: Myanmar's longest stream flows 1,300 mile. This is a life artery that stretches from the North to the Southeast and is an important channel for trade. In front of train and car the visitor called the stream "road to Mandalay". "Travelling with the Irrawaddy can be an interesting way to get from Yangon to your destinations if you have the spare to.

Myanmar is one of the most beautiful places in Myanmar, with views of the riverfront temple and everyday citylife. Yangon and the Ayeyarwady Delta. An important affluent of the Irrawaddy, about 965 km long. Chindwin is joining the Irrawaddy near Bagan. Cruising on the Chindwin promise to be a miracle of culture and nature.

That part of the riverbank is very nice and a favourite tour is the Mawlamyine - Hpa-an tour, the capitol of the state of Kayin. There' s a ferry that runs on Fridays and Mondays to transport people on this section of the canal. In Myanma there are tens of thousand of kilometres of rivers, although access to them during the drought period may vary.

Favourite rivers for tourists: You can also find fast shuttles for the tourism industry. Yangon - Pyay - Bagan - Mandalay is the busiest itinerary. Mandalay-Bagan fast shuttle is a great way to take a look at the rivers. The journey between Mandalay and Bagan lasts about two working orchestras.

When you continue to Yangon, you will have to transfer at Pyay. There' s a steadily increasing choice of luxurious flux cruising offers as more cruises and choices become available.

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