Yangon Pyay Bus

The Yangon Pyay Bus

Express-coaches are also available that carry passengers daily. Another possibility would be the train back to Yangon and the plane to Bagan. to Pyay and Pyay after Yangon bus time? - Mujimera Forum

to Pyay and Pyay after Yangon bus time? What about a bus from Bagan to Pyay for a whole bus ride, one or two nights and then another bus to Rangoon. to Pyay and Pyay after Yangon bus time? There is a bus to Pyay at 1.00 pm which arrives at about 10.30 pm.

There''s busses and there''s a train to Yangon. to Pyay and Pyay after Yangon bus time? to Pyay and Pyay after Yangon bus time? The thread has been discontinued due to apathy. If we do not comply with our policies, we will delete any postings and we retain the right to delete postings for any cause.

Transfer from Bagan to Pyay - Pyay Forum

Hello, is there a bus from Bagan (Nyaung U) to Pyay? cIf so, could someone tell me if there is a website where I can make reservations in advanced or at least get to know the bus timetable? As I already know, there is a bus from Pyay to Bagan, but is not able to find information about any of Bagan to Pyay onlin.

I don't think there's a bus directly from Baan to Pyay. The Mya Zin Yaw Express and Aung Kyaw Moe Express depart from Pakokku, stop at Bangan and then to Pyay. Departure from Bagean at midnight. Ask at the bus stop for information. For everyone else considering this option: we have taken a bus from Bagean to Pyay, there is one bus per bus per days, mostly local and not too quick (several stops), but convenient enough.

Every bus or rail upgrade from Bagan to Pyay....We plan a itinerary in this vein for next February, but very little new information...we want to come from Bagan to Twandwe, but all travelers seem to suggest to make a two segment trip...we don't want to go as we would like to see the landscape.....

There' s no ship or railroad from Bagan to Pyay. However, if necessary, there are busses between Yangon, Aung Migalar Bus Station and Thandwe every day. Ticket costs about 15,000 Kyats per passenger.

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