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The Yangon Prizes - grocery prizes, beers, hotels, attractions

The former capitol, Yangon (formerly known as Rangoon) is by far the biggest metropolis in Burma/Myanmar. The things for the tourist are usually inexpensive, even if the price increases almost every month. Eating and drinking are among the lowest in the area as long as you are eating like almost all the other people.

More touristy orientated restaurancies will necessarily emerge, where the prizes are always much higher than in the outdoors. In Yangon there are very few inexpensive properties, and those in the lower budget categories are usually of low standard. From now on there are no real Yangon guesthouses, although some cheaper ones have a few people.

They should also be ready for "foreigner prices" at rides and elsewhere that are much higher than the local population pays. It is quite widespread in this area and the cost is still low by comparison internationally, but it still disturbs some folks.

The Yangon Govt to curb fuel costs

Rangoon - The Rangoon provincial administration will start slowing the rise in gasoline prices this year, Yangon Chief Secretary U Phyo Min Thein said. He made the comment at a Wednesday Monday session between Vice President 1 U Myint Swe and business people at the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) Bureau.

In Myanmar, the Prime Ministers agree that the cost of gasoline and gasoline is quite high, while it is vital to the goods movement. Prime Ministers proposed that if enough gas was stored for six-month periods, it would be possible to control inflation. "It is not a product for which we have to charge the prize every day.

You can buy gas for a year while the cost is cheapest and then ship it to Yangon. "In the event of an emergencies in the state, we can check our policy stabilities if we have stockpiled fuels for long-term use. So we are taking measures to reduce the price," said the Prime Minister.

The Myanmar fuel importer and distributor association U Win Myint said that the present prices for fuels are commensurate. Mr U Win Myint added that he welcomes the local government's plans to get involved in the fuels imports and sales but that approval should be given to all relevant businesses instead of favouring one particular one.

Yangon's Yangon wholesaler rate on Wednesday was 750k yats, RON 91, 758k yats, RON 95, 750k yats, and retailer rates at locations differ according to the cost of warehousing and transport.

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