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Business people say that selecting an expatriate leads to high expenses

According to Mercer's 2015 COASt of living Survey, Yangon has a higher standard of living for expatriates than Paris and Sydney. However, this is largely due to a large gap between the life decisions of expatriates and natives, according to the business people on the spot. Expatriates see Yangon as the twenty-eighth most costly of 207 towns worldwide, in terms of eating, accommodation, transport and maintenance, according to the poll.

In the past year it was rank 66 in the poll, and the town has risen significantly in the past year. But the businessmen in Yangon say that the prices are not so high and that the costs of life in Yangon are only high for expatriates, because they often make a choice. "The costs of life differ between foreign and local people due to the position and design of the home.

The majority of foreign nationals lease freehold flats or detached homes, so the costs of Living are higher than for apartments," says the property advisor U Aung Min. "He asserted that the prices of the lease are no different for immigrants and natives. Additionally, there is a big discrepancy between residential rentals in the city centre and up-town Yangon, he said, and added that in some cases the prices for a down-town home can be more than three of that.

"Of course, if a foreigner decides to lease a detached home in the bustling city centre, the rents will be high. In the city centre, a home will be at least 5 to more than 10 million k per month," said U Aung Min. "``I think that rents this year will be lower than last year, and many new luxurious residential properties will be built, so the rents of homes and bureaus will go on falling every year,' she said.

Mercer's 2015 COASt-ofLiving Survey a fully equipped 900 square meter home in downtown Yangon averages K5,051,740 per months. The price of an unsold home of the same building in Yangon is significantly lower per week. Most foreign nationals working in Yangon hire a vehicle instead of using local transportation.

Rentals for non-nationals are more costly than for natives, as non-nationals are not liable for repair, said U Soe Min Myo, who owns a vehicle hire company. The cost for a foreigner is therefore slightly higher, but this is only due to the differences in the level of services. There is a monthly charge of about $600 to rent a vehicle, according to the type.

In order to hire a vehicle with a chauffeur, the cost is about $1000 per months, he said. "that Yangon is not pricey to transport. We do not have prices that are too high for the rental of a vehicle, and we do not have prices that are different for locals and foreigners," he added.

The Mercer reports that a good place to eat in a good place is 21,194 K on general and a quick menu such as burgers and crisps 6,355 K. Expatriates tell Mercer that the outdoor dining expenses are higher than in Thailand, for example. "A few places that only appeal to overseas guests are more than some of Thailand's many.

Furthermore, many of these restaurants are located in the city centre, where property prices are very high.

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