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Postal phone number

The post office is in Myanmar, Yangon. Address, telephone number, website, directions, opening hours and description can be found in our catalogue. Get information about the address, phone numbers, e-mails and opening hours of the post offices in Yangon. Yangon Main Post Office Myanmar P.O.

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A number of post office locations exist in Myanmar. If you need to ship a package within the UK, it is necessary to know at least some of them. The price varies in the various post office locations and for the mail to be transmitted. Our service includes insurance, quick deliveries and follow-up.

These are the post office recommendations in Myanmar.

Parcel and mail dispatch

You can use either the post office or your own private mailbox to ship a packet within Myanmar, as you will find that your packet will be sent via your own private lines just as you receive it!

You will receive your letters and packages just as well.

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Yangon Central Post Office, Myanmar P.O. Box. Yangon Central Post Office, Myanmar P.O. Box. It' a Lugano mailbox. One icon in the UK and around the globe, crimson mailboxes have appeared in some interesting places and have been used for some uncommon purposes.

Phayathai mailbox in Bangkok. In commemoration of the UK Olympic Summer Games 2012 and Paralympics 2012, post organisations such as Royal Mail have deleted a number of mailboxes in the mailbox. Every winner of a golden award had a mailbox decorated in appreciation of his performance, mostly in his hometown.

This was the first time in the United Kingdom in recent years that the color of letterboxes was altered from their original reds. This is a parked relais mailbox from Barcelona, Spain. This is a large greens letterbox for postage paid at Mayor Square in Dublin. British mailbox.

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