Yangon Post Office

The Yangon Post Office

Selling stamps and SIM cards and is the place for mail and parcels. These are recommended post offices in Myanmar. Main Post Office, Yangon, Myanmar. The Yangon Central Post Office is in Myanmar, Yangon. I live in Yangon.


I' d like to know how much it costs to ship a package from Myanmar to the UK, please provide me with further information..... and why don't you have the right website for the Myanmar office? On August 1, 2017, I sent a volume to Magwe that had not been delivered by August 7.

Undisputable, non-professional, no provision of professional advice, no clear processes, no trace servicing..... The parcel was mislaid and nobody felt responsible for it. I' d like to ship something from Myanmar to Japan. The Yangon General Post Office is at 39 Bo Aung Kyaw Street, corner Strand Road, Ward (9), KTDA, Myanmar. The enterprise is active in the areas of communication and delivery is.

This your deal? Refresh your store data by including telephone, website, descriptions, working times, locations on the card, classes and pictures. No. 8/10/12 Zizawar Street, 6, Zizawar Condominium, Pazundaung Tsp, Yangon," Room 404, No.272, DNH Tower, Pyay Road, MyayNiGone(North), SanChaung,111111, Yangon, ,

The Yangon General Post endeavours to provide links to other websites.

The Yangon General Post Office is trying to connect its messenger services with more on-line buying websites, said an officer of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Currently there are 30 on-line shops connected to the Yangon General Post Office. This site shipped the ordered goods to its clients through the Yangon General Post Office.

Post is good, but it cannot get through to many because they need to draw the attention of the general population by publishing the notices. The Yangon General Post is running an information raising initiative with its own employees to work better with on-line shops to generate more sales.

Swiss Post is adjusting to the latest postal services in order to offer a better and quicker postal system.

The Myanmar Post Reconditioning receives a seal of quality

In 2014, an upgrade was introduced that allowed Myanmar Post to provide its clients with an affordable and dependable shipping experience, even if the pace is still lagging behind other alternatives. A RETURN at the Myanmar Post, which has led to quicker shipments, has been praised by clients in much of the countryside, as well as book lovers living in and around the Ayeyarwady region's population.

Up until three years ago, people in the Ayeyarwady region in the west often spent long or even long periods of time waiting for new books from Yangon, some 195 kilometers away. Living in the river Ngawun, about 32 km southwards of the state capitol Pathein, Ko Win Naing, who is in the small city Ngapudaw, said he had sometimes been waiting up to three month for a new one.

"There was no bookstore in our city in the past, only a few stores that sold magazines and papers weekly," he said to Frontier in a phone conversation. There were two or three bookstores in Pathein at the used to be, but they mainly had best-sellers, said Win Naing, an official and daddy of three years.

"When we wanted other types of book, we had to ask someone who went to Yangon to buy it for us," he said. Sometimes, Ngapudaw inhabitants starving to see something new arrange for reading textbooks that are shipped by mail. But it was untrustworthy; orders were sometimes lost, Win Naing said.

Last year, the Myanmar Post began to overhaul its services with the support of the Japan administration. Bibliophile's advent of a dependable courier was a reason to celebrate. The MEP was split from the state-owned company Myanma Post and Telelecommunications in 2013, when the introduction of competitive telecoms began.

Yangon region, said the upgrading follows an accord that the Myanmar government and Japan sign in 2014. It foresees the modernisation of the country's 1,385 post office buildings with Japan's help. Thai Naing Soe said there was still much to be done to enhance the mail services, which had been abandoned for many years until the war.

"We had to make a great deal of changes, like other state-owned companies," he said Frontier in his office on Pansodan Street in Yangon. "The main aim was to shorten lead times," he said, and added that this goal was reached by adapting pickup and drop-off paths on the basis of proposals from Japan specialists. Deliveries of fast moving items, especially between large towns, have been cut in half, Thaung Naing Soe said.

Myanmar Post's second greatest challenge was to encourage its employees to shift their attitude. "It' s a difficult task to make it clear to most employees that it is their task to offer customer service," he said. In spite of the upgrades and an ever growing number of happy clients, Thaung Naing Soe said that MP is still loosing mp.

"We' re making a win in the Yangon region, but the domestic grid is loosing money," he said, pointing out that some rustic post office could only have one client in a single months. To mitigate the losses, MP offers an extended service portfolio to over 782 postal service points across the entire state, which includes digitised payment orders.

"This new system is on-line and much quicker and easier," Thaung Naing Soe said, and added that the post had previously depended on telefaxes to send information. MP's enhanced services came at the same time as the strong growth in on-line business after the telecom sector was opened to competitive activity in 2014 and the Myanma Post and Telecommunications monomer was lifted.

One of the on-line shops is Yangon-based publisher Nga Doe Sar Pay (NDSP), which in 2016 established the WE sales center for the delivery of titles ordered on its Facebook page. "It is our primary goal to supply literature to people living in the countryside," WE Sales Director Ko Hein Zaw said to Frontier on 11 December.

Up to 8,000 copies per week are delivered, mainly in Yangon and Mandalay, but orders from other sectors are growing all the time, said Hein Zaw. "He said, "Our employees supply Yangon and Mandalay and we use the post office to ship to other areas. Mr Hein Zaw said that although there had been an enormous increase in the mail delivery services, there were still a number of issues.

"A number of clients are complaining that the postman asked them to pick up the books at the post office instead of taking them home," he said. From K500 to K10,000 - according to your specific shipping weights - it will cost you an article that is less expensive than other available shipping methods.

It also allows clients to buy goods on delivery - the cash is given to the postman - which is useful in a land where most do not use the official bank system, let alone on-line bank. Win Ko Ko Ko Ko of 528 Go Shopping said the firm also uses the post office to ship goods all over the state.

Although trustworthy - packages don't vanish - shipping time is still a bit sluggish, he said. Frontier was very brief when Frontier tried the Pathein post office's assertion that it was offering to deliver to Yangon the next all-night. One of Mingalar Taung Nyunt's post office employees said to Frontier that a parcel that was recorded in Pathein just after 11 a.m. on December 6 did not reach Yangon until December 9.

Though the employee pledged that it would be shipped to the border office that date, it only arrived on 11 December - it took five whole working nights to make the 200 km itinerary. A 37-year-old mailman from Yangon's Hlaing Tharyar Township outskirts of industry, Ko Win Zaw Moe, was called on to meet with the Myanmar Post in Nay Pyi Taw in 2015.

Those intermittent consultation with colleagues from across the whole countryside were established as part of Parliament's efforts at overhaul. Officers at the rally said that "Posties are like strikers in football," Win Zaw Moe commented. "You can' t be an efficient striker if your boots are broken," he said, referencing the bike he's been using since he started working at the post office 22 years ago.

Win Zaw Moe said that he knew most guys on his turn and could send mails, even if they were not address. Delivering on-line ordered goods has made things more busy, he said, and sometimes there are issues.

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