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Headquartered in Yangon, Myanmar, we are a boutique post-production house. Address, telephone number, website, directions, opening hours and description of the post office can be found in our catalogue. The Myanmar Telecommunication & Post Office. Lovely market, watch out for the mail.

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Yangon's The Strand, a piece of colorful sky, clothing regulations inclusive | Post Magazine

Let us all go down the beach, yeah? When you want a cocktail concert venue, darling, you' ll love swimming - Yangon is about 9,000 km from London. This beach was constructed by the Sarkies who provided wealthy travelers with accommodation from settlement times such as the Eastern & Orient in Penang (1885) and Raffles in Singapore (1887).

The Strand was on the shores of the third biggest port in the Indian Empire when it opened in Rangoon in 1901. Since then, a great deal has happened, but the motel has not relocated. Yangon Beach Ward. It has succeeded in keeping the colorful decorations - the wooden flooring, the ventilators, the wicker stools, the varnished goods - so popular with the BBC drama director without getting into the feared trashy trick.

All over Myanmar, but the beach has made it an artwork. There is a soft dressing system - no flip-flops or short - for those who come to the hotels after 6 p.m. when the butler turns into west facing dinnerwear. Don't be worried about extra packaging - the men can go dull, and the coats in the restaurants will be provided.

Yes, the guesthouse has 31 suits and all with buttonservice. Oh, and the suite is huge - starting at 60 sq. m. - with beautiful bathroom retros. You will long for it to be quiet and spacious after a day's walk through the intriguing and occasionally shredding roads of Yangon. While the old place may have been re-named Sarkies, it still offers the famed Strand Sour - as drunk by many expatriates like Rudyard Kipling and George Orwell - and many new drinks.

Strand Café has the traditional occidental breakfasts, but the people of Burma begin their days either with mussel (fish noodles) or no chao bwè (coconut soup), both tasty and very recommendable; later you can drink either a classic (on pastry stand) or Myanmar (in lacquer Tiffinbox ) coffee afternoons.

In the evening the Strand Restaurant offers a Mediterranean dinner. There' s no swimming pools, although the motel is planning to open one in its outhouse. Peak period (November to February), inclusive of taxes, services and breakfasts, from 564 USD; low period from 334 USD; your daily dosage of the mail magazine directly to your mailbox.

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