Yangon Population 2015

Population 2015

The Thakin Mya Park in the city center and plans to complete the park in November 2015. Male of the main results of the census to be published in May 2015. The population has tripled to 7.4 million since 1983. Census of Myanmar 2014, Census Report of the Yangon Region, Volume 3 - L.

Nay Pyi Taw: In the meantime, Yangon's population continues to grow by 2.6 percent per year.

New City Yangon Project makes few adaptations

Yangon New City Project is being implemented in cooperation with the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), International Finance Corporation (IFC) and international lending, said Yangon Region Minister of Electricity, Industry, Roads and Communications, Nilar Kyaw, at the second Hluttaw Region Ministerial Conference on July 10.

This new town will be located in the area of Twantay, Kyimyindine and Seikkyi Kanaungto in the east of Yangon. Estimates put the town on 30,000 hectares of property. Mr. Daw Nilar Kyaw said the present intention is to house another one to two million within the Yangon area.

Yangon is expected to become a megacity in the next 10 years. Yangon New Town Project was presented to the Hluttaw region as a response to Yangon's ever-growing populous. Yangon's densities were 310 persons per square kilometre in 1973, 387 persons per square kilometre in 1983 and 716 persons per square kilometre in 2014.

Yangon's total populace is expected to be ten million over the next ten years. This new town will have its own power production with its own network and will be constructed with a Public Private Partnership (PPP) system. The new urban development will offer a solution to the squatting problem Yangon is currently experiencing, as well as joblessness, safe waters, electrical supply, traffic jams and high property prices," said Daw Nilar Kyaw.

The New Yangon Development Corporation is set up to support the implementation of the new urban development and the government of the Yangon region will take over the entire administration of the new urban development group. Daw Sandar Min, Chairman of the Yangon Hluttaw Region Finance, Planning and Trade Committee, said at the Yangon Hluttaw Summit that the investors have switched owners for this extensive projec.

"In a statement made by one of the ministers, Hluttaw officials, who want to debate this topic with their relevant ministers, have until 11 July lunchtime to ask a question. Yangon South West Development Public Company, Business Capitality Ltd and Shwe Popa International Construction Company joined forces during the reign to form a syndicate to develop the new cityscape.

The present coalition has abandoned the agreement with existing syndicate development partners in order to give opportunities to privately owned companies and to create undeveloped areas at the same time.

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