Yangon Population 2015

Population 2015

Mine Lar Township (Shan State) and Co Co Island (Yangon region). Fig. 1: Map of population density in Myanmar. Fig. 2: Population of the Yangon region.

Summit Parkview Hotel is located in Yangon. The Yangon population 2015 - The Ooredoo.

Yangon's Futures Calls on Experts to Act

Yangon is already undergoing a rapid transformation and the capital is swarming with more inhabitants and properties than ever before. Cityscapes are exploding at the sutures of this flow, which is showing little sign of deceleration. The question arises as to whether the town can keep up with further growth.

The Yangon has about 5. 2 million inhabitants - that is, about 10 per cent of Myanmar's population lives in the town. About a third of Myanmar's inhabitants in the metropolitan areas come from Yangon, said Daw Husing Maw Oo, a municipal planning officer from the Department of Housing Development and Human Settlement. Yangon's first infra structure was built on the six cities in the town.

Since then it has extended to 33 cities, in all directions from the initial town. There is already a high urban concentration and there are no indications of a slowdown, she said at the Save Yangon Forum at the end of December. Yangon town centre had a dense urban surface of about 450 inhabitants per ha in 1989 (1 ha corresponds to about 2.47 acres).

Bangladesh's capitol Dhaka, with 555 inhabitants per ha, is one of the most heavily inhabited towns in the run. Yangon's more isolated urban areas have this density of populations, while some of the most dense municipalities today have over 1000 inhabitants perha. "We' worked on Thiri Street in Sanchaung," said Daw Maw Oo Maw.

The increasing densities of the populations can not only make life unpleasant, but also burden the town' s infrastructures, such as streets, sewerage and power. A particular hazard is the building densities. The Yangon is becoming overcrowded, but new properties are not being systematically added, said Daw Hla Su Myat, director of the Association of Myanmar Architects.

Governments demand the integration of empty spaces around building, especially high-rise blocks. Often, however, these regulations are prevented, so that the building is too tight. Yangon's first infra structure was built on the six urban districts. Since then it has extended to 33 cities, in all directions from the pristine town. Often, plots of ground are made available for high-rise blocks and retailers, so that the public has little room to move around in the open air.

It is a signal that we must rectify life in the city before it gets worse," he said. Saltwater often trickles into those who rely on wells because Yangon is near the sea, said Daw Than Than Soe, a pensioned city-designer. It referred to the voivodeship of Tharyar as an area particularly affected by the issue.

Though Yangon may be growing fast, there are a number of issues that are affecting the town. Nevertheless, they have a joint communiqué - "Please save Yangon".

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