Yangon Police Station Phone number

The Yangon Police Station Phone Number

New Bagan unit at the local police station in Bagan. Prisoner bombed Myanmar police station, killed himself YANGON, Myanmar - YANGON, Myanmar (AP) - A man arrested on Wednesday at a police station in the east of Myanmar has bombed, killed himself and injured at least four policemen in the last round of explosions that were apparently associated with public dissatisfaction. In the Kayah state, 200 mile ('320 km) north east of Yangon, a police officer said Wednesday that the man had been taken to a police station in Demawso for questioning.

There was no idea why the man had been arrested. This was the 7th known bombardment in Myanmar, reigned by the army, in recent days. Assaults are coming as the governing regime is preparing for a parliamentary elections that its adversaries have described as unjust and non-democratic. Bombings are scarce but not unheard of in Myanmar, although recent assaults on higher- awareness sites have occurred than previous one.

Most of the largest blasts happened on 15 April in Yangon, the country's largest town, when three bombings killing ten and wounding 170 more during the annual celebration. You injured one individual and damaged several houses and six cars. In Kawkareik, Kayin State, two distinct blasts took place on 13 April at control points near the China frontier and in which three persons were injured.

On Tuesday evening, an blast at a telecommunications bureau in Kyaikmaraw, Mon state, some 160 kilometres south-east of Yangon, injured three souls. In the early hours of Tuesday mornings, a string of grenades raids on a hydroelectric power plant about 225 kilometres northern of Yangon injured four blue-collar worker. "Myanmar's ruling junta has said it will be holding this year' s election as part of its'roadmap to democracy', but criticisms say that the army has shown little signs of renunciation of scrutiny and that the regime has made every possible attempt to stop imprisoned Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the regime, from taking part in the poll.

Burma had its last choice in 1990. Recently passed electoral legislation requires the registration or dissolution of established party states.

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