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Police station Yangon

Explore the police stations in Yangon with the help of your friends. Burma Police Officer Tells court Reuters journalists were established

Burma police ruled the incarceration of two reporter for Reuters press office on attempt for alleged owning state secrets for their work that investigates violent acts against Rohingya Muslims by the military in Rakhine State, a police official said Friday during the vowed testimony in the courthouse. Brigadier General Tin Ko Ko Ko Ko ordered the police to establish the reporter Thet Oo Maung, also known as Wa Lone, and Kyaw Soe Oo, police captain Moe Yan Naing, in front of the Northern District Courts in Yangon.

The police detained the couple on the fringes of Yangon on 12 December, just after they had supper with two policemen who gave them documentation of action against the Rohingya Muslims in the north state of Rakhine. On January 10, they were officially indicted for having obtained state secrecy and must face up to 14 years in jail in the event of a conviction.

Moe Yan Naing, who served in the eighth security police battalion outside Yangon, was one of two officials alleged to have been on the case. As Moe Yan Naing said, he once saw Wa Lone in a tea house on 23 November to talk about police missions in Rakhine, but he was not among the officials when the two journalists were detained.

And he also said that he never even dated Kyaw Soe Oo. An indictee for the indictment, Moe Yan Naing said to the tribunal that Tin Ko Ko Ko, who was responsible for the in-house investigations, ordered Lance Corporal Naing Lin police to arrange a meet with Wa Lone and give him papers from the outfit.

Out of the six police officers questioned in this case, only Moe Yan Naing and Police Sergeant Khin Maung Lin have been imprisoned since 12 December on allegations of violation of the Official Secrets Act and Police Disciplinary Act of the BOL. The Moe Yan Naing had been serving in the Inn Din local police station in Rakhine's Maungdaw Town where the suppression took place.

When they were arrested, the two journalists were working on a tale about the violent murder of 10 Rohingya civilists from Inn Din, and the press was later producing a thrilling report about the murder of Buddhist Rakhine Buddhist neighbours and troops. Myanmar's Myanmar Army Commander-in-Chief Bureau last weekend reported that seven senior officials and other rank troops who participated in the murder of the 10 Rohingya had been convicted to 10 years in jail following an inquiry into the event.

Meanwhile, Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo will be detained in Yangon's Insein Prison until their next trial on April 25. "Moe Yan Naing said it was very supporting for the liberty of reporters," said Thant Zaw, one of the reporters' lawyers, after the Friday-trial.

He told the tribunal about his imprisonment and said that Tin Ko Ko Ko Ko's acts were destroying the integrity of the Myanmar police, he said. My, member of Myanmar's press council, Myint Kyaw, said whether Moe Yan Naing's statement will be a reason for dismissing the case has yet to be seen.

Maw Kun exploratory journalist Mayar Hlaing said Moe Yan Naing's words had an even greater influence on Myanmar people. His Win, head of the Myanmar Journalism Institute, voiced concerns about the security of Moe Yan Naing.

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