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TO DO AND SEE. Sights in Yangon: Discover Yangon and get all the information about activities, sights and shopping in Yangon. During your stay at Yangon Beach you should take time to visit some of the most popular tourist attractions in Yangon, including the popular pagodas. Myanmar, now Myanmar, spends much time as a colony of Britain, with a capital, Rangoon, now Yangon, by far the largest and most important city in the country.

Yangon's unique sights

Allow your Yangon adventure to begin..... Earlier known as Rangoon, Yangon was once the sparkling capitol of Myanmar (it has given its state to Nay Pyi Taw, one of the weirdest capitals in the world). Famous for its gold pagoda skin, centuries-old tradition that blends in with the present (like men with "sarongs" coupled with a westerly shirt) and friendliness, Yangon is also one of the few towns in the word "where people eat and drink tea".

" In contrast to common belief, this enchanting town is not only about old Stupa, old buildings and busy streetsides. Off the well-trodden paths, fearless travelers can engage in alternate adventures that are under the surveillance of the ordinary traveller. The PARKROYAL Yangon staff can help you keep this Yangon guidebook on the best kept mysteries and memorable Yangon experience.

" Yangon Circle Train is also a must for travelers with the Yangon Circle Train. There may be 29 mile or 3 hrs of rough, unconditioned drive, but it is the ultimate way to enjoy a piece of genuine Yangon living. With a tiny prize of 100-200kyats (.SG$0.10) you get a pass to your perhaps most charming Yangon game.

You will have plenty of opportunity to mix with (and be looked at by) the natives, catch abundant photos of ancient times and spin through Yangon's dozy suburbs and countryside. From Yangon Central Railway Station platform 6 and 7, just 7 minutes on foot from PARKROYAL Yangon.

Everybody was visiting the Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon's main feature, and standing in reverence for its magnificent golden construction. It is one of the best places in Yangon for travelers with children, the gardens offer stunning sundown. Here there are shaded pick nick places and staggering walkways between the woods (near the Ahlone Road entrance) that dare to climb on their creaking wood planks.

Inle Lake is one of Yangon's most fascinating rivers, with stories and pictures of the impressive one-legged oar skills of local fishers. While some may be more costly than you'd imagine, think of the support of a host families and a registration charge for a quest you wouldn't get anywhere else.

You can also take home some of the most original Yangon presents. The Pomelo for Myanmar is a not-for-profit Yangon based business where craftsmen can refine their craft. Watch out for handmade jewelry under the brand Amazonizing Grace, made by a group of disabled girls on the edge of Yangon.

Just 10 minutes from PARKROYAL Yangon, the shop also sells a wide variety of handcrafted coffee and recyclable glass products in all forms and dimensions. Another Myanmar retailing revolutionist, Yangoods is a trailblazer in Burma's style. This retailer sells one-of-a-kind presents, life-style articles, clothes clips and memorabilia that seem to move both in the past and present.

Yangoods has something for every tastes, from handcrafted mementoes to practical scarfs and local craft. In order to get other presents and keepsakes from Myanmar, you should definitely check out these best shops in Yangon. Whether it's classic Yangon-store dining or its traditional and contemporary gourmet equivalents, you can be sure that a Yangon vacation will broaden the horizon of your savour.

Teahouses are the contact points in Yangon, and they still draw many people today. Thinking about Myanmar's long and famous past in this teabrewery, pastry shop and restaurants in one, you can prepare an exquisite mix of teas and bite into tidbits of snacks such as British skanes and tasty pies.

For help organising various sight-seeing excursions or full days in or around Yangon, contact PARKROYAL Yangon's tour and activity group.

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