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Enjoy the peace and quiet of the Kaba Aye Pagoda. Experience the peace of the Shwedagon Pagoda at night. Yangon is the largest city and former capital of Burma. Select a landmark or attraction in Yangon, Myanmar and find the best hotel rates nearby. Reserve a hotel in Yangon at the best prices.

Sights in Yangon: 116 Yangon Points of Interest

The last part of the last two days was to see a special Yangon experience proposed by Onestop Traveller. Many pictures were taken of the locals until we descended near the Chautakhgyi Pagoda, the largest Buddha sculpture in the area.

Ngapali Beach - Yangon Breakfast at the Yangon Hill. Transfers to Thandwe airfield for your internal flights to Yangon. You can use the cars and guides up to your scheduled flights. Fascinating road meals and nice pagodas. Yangon's main draw is the Shwedagon Pagoda. There is a top tourist attractiveness listing and things to do are easy to access on the web.

Swedagon Pagoda Nya Htat Gyi Pagoda Bohtahtaung Pagoda Lying Buddha Bogyoke Market Can be missed: Avoid the Sule Pagoda: It was Yangon who was the sacrifice of our trip. Shwedagon Paya and its sparkling golden compound is certainly the most humiliating view you will ever experience, and certainly the Yangon kitchen has a certain amount of humor that cannot be denied with its odd fusion of China, India and Thailand tastes, but with the homeland oh-so-close most of it has been drowning in our commotion.

and we took the early bird from Bagan to Yangon in the mornings. You can see nuns in their red costumes climb the pagoda in the evenings - a beautiful, quiet place. In the evenings we tried out regional dishes in the streets of India to taste Burma and India and in the evenings we went to the Grillstrasse to have a drink and get the natives to play football over drinks and barbecues.

The best season to come to Yangon (Rangoon), Burma/Myanmar

Formerly known as Rangoon, Yangon was Burma's capitol until 2006. It is a place where the faded splendour of UK folk culture lies next to shimmering holy shrines; where you can see local people munching walnuts and walking barefooted; and where you paint their faces with purple-clad friars in your quest for Yangon's many treasures of culture.

Get the most out of your stay by travelling at the right moment of the year so you can comfortably experience everything this amazing town has to boast to show. The Yangon has a monsoon tropic atmosphere, which means it is warm and moist all year round. It has a wet and arid seasons, like other South East Asiatic lands, but the arid seasons are divided into a colder and longer one.

Shwedagon Festival takes place every year in February or March in this gleaming pagean. Yangon's'winter' is not a winters as anyone in the north of the North of the world would know it; the temperatures are still beautifully hot 19 to 33°C (66 to 91°F), with December and January average 25°C (77°F) during the days.

However, this is colder than the remainder of the year in warm and moist Yangon, and it is also much dryer, and therefore this is the liveliest period to do so. The Shwedagon Festival in February or March (the timings are full moon based) is another thing to note at this point.

An uproar of dance, play and delicious dinner, she is celebrating the gleaming golden Shwedagon Pagoda, the emblem of Yangon. A tour through Yangon's fine old buildings is best done in the early mornings or in the afternoons during the heats. Yangon's drying period lasts from March to May and is distressingly warm and moist. When you visit this year the Thingyan Water Festival provides a welcome break from the heats.

Yangon's southern shore position means that it is raining a great deal, and the wet season is not the best period to explore its outdoors. However, the rain fall usually occurs in brief downpours, so it is quite simple to temporarily take cover when it is raining when you are out and about.

Wetest month is July and August, with August having an annual precipitation of 24 inch (602 mm) versus only 2 mm in February. Do you plan a journey to Yangon?

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