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It is one of the best places in Yangon for travelers with children, the park offers spectacular views of the sunset. Hotels in Yangon near places of interest, online reservation. Yangon has so many sights. A PLACE OF INTEREST IN THE YANGON AREA. Hotels in Yangon near places of interest, online reservation.

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The former capitol was known as Rangoon until 1989, when the reigning army rulers transformed it back into Yangon, which meant "the end of the conflict. Yangon is still Burma's biggest and most important trading and spiritual center, not to speak of the most thrilling after the 2006 move of the government's capitol to Nay Pyi Daw.

Yangon's past is steeped in wealth, age and complexity; the city's present location was burned down and severely damaged during the Second Anglo-Burmese War of 1852, when the British conquered Rangoon and all of Lower Burma. The British relocated the town from Moulmein to Rangoon in 1853 and reconstructed it according to their present itinerary.

Rangoon was eventually proclaimed the British Colonies capitol of Burma, governed by Britain, after the British conquered Upper Burma in the Third Anglo-Burmese War of 1885. Rangoon Colon, with its extensive park, lake and a mixture of historical and historical architectural styles, soon became known as "the Eastern Gardens City". On three sides of the waters, the Yangon has a uniquely charming setting, with sprawling tree-lined avenues, busy grocery stores, tranquil ponds and couples sparkling between residences throughout the town.

After the recent liberalization of politics and the economy, they are harvesting the fruits; dilapidating colorful houses and memorials are being refurbished, new pubs, caf├ęs and stores are being built, and there are construction site - and congestion - everywhere. The Yangon is a picturesque and appealing part of the capital, and the sidewalks are swarming with grocers, booksellers, colorful open-air market, neighboring shrines, mosques and church houses showing the cosmopolitan character of the capital and some of Southeast Asia's most imposing colorful set of colorful colored colorful colored colorful-colors.

The most important thing, however, and what has always been important to Yangon, is the great 2,000-year-old Buddha Shwedagon Buddha hairpin. Shwedagon, in the centre of the town, a gold tip around which everything else is revolving, is dominating the city's celestial line and the venerated holocaust attracts visitors from the town and the whole fortress.

Somerset Maugham was so much influenced by the fascination of the silhouette of the pagoda in his 1930 novel "Der Herr im Salon": It is a magnificent monument, no matter when it is seen, but the best part of the year is the setting of the sundown when the beams of the bright gold sunlight illuminate the gilded panorama and the midnight skies; it is truly a spectacle and a delight.

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