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Sights near Scott Hostel-Walking Distance. Asia, the rules for tourists in places like Thailand are often looser. It' s true nature in the wild and also a good place for birdwatching. The Kyaik Khauk Pagoda in Thanlyin and Yele Kyauktan Pagoda are some of the sights. The Shwedagon Pagoda is a surprisingly family-friendly place.

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It' the capitol of Kayin State with gorgeous mounds, gorgeous caverns and lochs, 2.5 hrs driving from the basis of Kyaikhtiyoe or 7 hrs from Yangon. Travellers can hike between the Great Dawna Group. The Zwekabin is the highest in a range of calcareous peaks, 2372 ft high and is topped by a Stupa.

In the vicinity of Zwekabin hill, at the foot of the KyaukKalap mountains is the pillar or cliff, rising from a sea makes a convent at the foot of the pillar cliff, and Nat clergy on top, one of the most photographed places in all Kayin state. It is a favourite place of worship near the city of Hpa-An.

The Kawgoon Café 13 km from Hpa-An is like a sculptural art galleries. Buddha paintings and woodcarvings line the wall and top of the caves. It was first documented in an archeological study by India Report in 1893. It is said that a neckless wood engraving of an exquisite torsos represents a princess who gave some pictures to the caves.

The Saddan den - this breathtaking large den contains a pit near the entry with many Buddha pictures. Continuing into the caves, a sinister and wilder place with many giant storactites, home to a large bats group. Drive to the end of the caves to find a secluded mountain pond.

The Kawkathaung Cave,YathayPyan(Hermit) and Khayon Cave,Ruby in Hpa-an are also well known. The BayinNyi den is situated just south of Hpa-An; it is better to go there before the arrival of Pha -An. There' s a large entry hall full of Buddha-paintings.

The city centre and outside of Hpa has several good properties - a 2-star, 3-star to 4-star hotel with ensuite bathrooms, warm and cool watermel.

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