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Yangon sightseeing guide. View the best attraction in Yangon Printable Tourist Map. Expedia is the best Yangon has to offer! Recent opening of national borders has led to an influx of foreign interest and thus to investment. These are some of the activities you should definitely do when visiting this vibrant place.

Yangon Sights

It is Burma's biggest town and the centre of business activities. Also known as Rangoon, the town was the nation's main town until 2005, when a totally new town named Naypyidaw was born. The Yangon is situated in the Irrawaddy Valley on the Gulf of Martaban, in the north of the Andaman Sea.

It' the town where most of Burma's overseas visitors come. It is a town of about 5 million inhabitants that has been growing very quickly since the 1950s. This town was established at least a thousand years ago by the Mon tribe. It is said that the most popular symbol of the town, the Shwedagon Pagoda, was established during the Buddha period and the town has been surrounded by it ever since.

It is a place where buddhistic friars go barefooted through the street, men are wearing long yangon clothes and superstitions still play an important part. It has a certain nostalgic appeal with its old houses from the British period, when Yangon was ruled by the British from 1852 to 1948.

It has a lot of sights from its long and wealthy past that are definitely waiting to be visited. It is home to many fine and stunning buddhistic shrines and pilgrimages, among them Burma's most important buddhistic place of worship, the Shwedagon Volcano, a vast ensemble with a 99 meter high gilded volcano on a mound that can be seen from much of the town.

Further attractions are the Botataung Pagoda on the bank of the stream, the Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda, famous for its huge 66 meter long Buddha picture, the Maha Wizaya Pagoda and the Sule Pagoda. There are some beautiful specimens of old Yangon style monuments like the Yangon Town Hall, the Supreme Court House, the Strand Park and the main railway stations.

Right across from Yangon is the city of Thanlyin with its Kyaik Hmaw Wun Pagoda on an isle in the middle of the city. The Bogyoke Aung San Markt, constructed by the British during the British colonisation, is the most popular square in Yangon. It is a village constructed in rural architecture and has a large number of small boutiques and stands selling a broad variety of items such as crafts, antiquities, art, jewellery, gemstones such as ruby and itade, silks and music.

Situated on the Bogyoke Aung San Rd., west of Yangon mainline. For a glimpse of everyday Yangon experience, take the Yangon Roundabout. It travels almost 50 kilometres in a 3 hour circuit around Yangon and its outskirts.

You can buy $1 ticket at Yangon Central Railway Terminal, a nice old Yangon old-buildings. Though not the most convenient way to travel, it is an adventure in itself and a great opportunity to see the town and its population. Yangon is the first stop for most of Burma's travelers from around the world.

The only way to get to the town from outside Burma is by plane. The town is linked from the interior by plane, coach and rail. The majority of overseas visitors will come to Yangon as points of entrance. All Burma's carriers and a number of overseas carriers, most of which are based in Asia, fly to Yangon Island Int'l in the north of the town.

There' s one station for internal and another for foreign travel. Bangkok, which is serviced by Bangkok Airways, Air Asia and Thai Airways, is one of the most important of these. The journey from the Yangon Main Station to the Yangon Delta Beach is between 30 and 45 min. and between US$ 8 and 10.

Yangon is not connected by buses, flights are the only possibility. There are two coach stations serving Burma. An Aung Mingular Highway Coach Center is situated just northeast of the airfield. The most important goals are reached from this coach terminal, among them Mandalay, Bagan, Bago and Taunggyi (for the Inle lake).

Hostelling Thar Yar Bus Terminus is situated northwest of Yangon city centre, on the other side of the Yangon riverbank in the borough of Mt. Rey. Serving a number of Bengal Bay beaches west of Yangon and Kyaikto (for the Golden Rock/Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda).

Trains between Thailand and Yangon are not available. There are flights to home towns from Yangon main rail terminal in the south of the town. Connecting from Yangon to Mandalay (via Bago) is quite convenient. Journey time is about 14 to 15 hrs, sleepers are available. Every day there is a 16 hour ferry from Yangon to Bagan.

Yangon and Nyaung Shwe (Inle Lake) have no trains. From Yangon take the Yangon to Mandalay and get off at Thazi. Coming from Thazi take either the 5 hour shuttle service or the 10 hour Kalaw local service.

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