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Yangon has many different attractions to see and experience. In Yangon, Wai Wai Place offers comfortable rooms with free WiFi access in all areas. Lake, now called Kandawgyi Lake, which is a place with quiet views and wide paths. This is the right place to experience the true beauty of the place. Yangon was also the scene of several NLD bomb attacks throughout the month.

Best activities in Yangon

You will find the best things to do in Yangon, Myanmar, along with advice on where to stay and stay. Yangon will be the first Myanmar experience for many people and it is a great start. Mandalay, perhaps more intimate thanks to creative people like Ki-pling, but does not have the same number of attractions - and I dare say it, Yangon - as his sweetheart, Yangon.

In Southeast Asia after a few desperate days as I listened to other travelers comparing Yangon to what Bangkok must have been 20 years ago, I had some prejudices about the town before I landed. It took less than an hours in Yangon to come to a conclusion: These guys were mistaken.

The Yangon felt a different kind of life than the remainder of Southeast Asia. Yangon, my traveling buddies, is no different. LYANGON HOSTEL: Click here for current rates. Click here for the current rates. Please click here for current pricing. Please click here for current pricing. Sule Shangri-La: Click here for current rates.

Deluxe: The Savoy: Click here for current rates. At the end of this article you will find all the information about accommodation in Yangon. It is one of the most popular places in Yangon and, admittedly, this is probably one of the few (if not the only) touristic places you know in the town.

Not only is this gold show one of the most magnificent sites (up there with the Grand Palace in Bangkok and, quite openly, all of Rome), but also very high (99 metres), fantastic old (over 2,500 years, which would make it the oldest buddhistic stupa on earth ) and the holiest buddhistic place in all of Myanmar.

It is believed to contain various relicts of Buddha, as well as locks of his strand. It is best to visit the silhouette at sundown when the dying sunshine shimmers from the gold Stupa to create a wonderful etheric shin. Through the twilight, remain until dark when you can see the light of the pit and shine against the middle-night skies.

In my view the admission price was quite high at $8. You can find out more about the Shwedagon pit stop here. It is also possible to take a guide through the Shwedagon Pass. For more information and pricing click here. What is the mismatch between a coupe, a shrine and a Stupa?

A pagoda is a general name for a stupa or a sausage. The Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon is a good example of a Stupa. The pagoda is a pagoda that can be entered and usually has four entries and exit points, which are situated in the northern, southern, eastern and western areas with a Buddha at each entry.

I was very near my lodging, so it was the first I saw in Yangon - and indeed, Myanmar, so I probably found it the most amazing. As Shwedagon, it is copper stupas gilt in golden and perhaps a hundred years younger than the major attraction of tourists.

Sule' s position is particularly intriguing - in the 21 st cent. it is used as a traffic circle thanks to the surrounding highways. I would suggest going to all the smaller ones, Sule included, before I go to Shwedagon, otherwise they seem comparatively small. It was my first visit in the mornings, but it also looks impressively illuminated at nights.

It' possible to get a guide through the Sule Lagoon, but it will be part of a wider half or full day trip through Yangon. For more information and pricing click here. So how long does it take you to go to Yangon? The majority of the folks I used to meet were in Yangon for three of them.

I' d been planning 4 nights in town, but I was knocked down by a bacteria named sucgella (do yourself a favor and don't google it) that erased my last visit. Conclusion: You can install everything if you only have 3 working nights in Yangon.

But if I had known I would skip one tag, I could have put more in my other 3 tags in Yangon. In Yangon, the attendance of not one but two couples harboring wisps of Buddha's fur is a big deal.

The Botatung Pagode is the second place where you can see them (not see). Situated on the banks of the stream, this is another smaller, gold Stupa. This is Myanmar. At just $2 to enlist - the same prize as getting into Sulu Island I would say you get a deal for being that' near to some of Buddha's relicts.

You can also make a booking here, but it will be part of a citywide Yangon trip. For more information and pricing click here. Was it Yangon or Rangoon? What about Myanmar or Burma? The Buddha in Wat Pho is one of my favorite places of interest in Bangkok, but at only 46 meters it is almost small compared to the similarly situated Buddha in Yangon.

With a length of 66 meters (216 feet) it is really a job to bring this Buddha into one gorge. There is a good chance that for some reasons this is not on so many tourists list, so you can show up at any hour of the morning and have a good look. Okay, okay, so this Buddha is 40.

However I am only 5 ft to begin with and at over 40 ft, I think this Buddha can afford to take a bit of easy round-off. And like the lying Buddha, the crowd seems somehow not to have grasped. This does not seem to be like the lying Buddha on any of the tours.

But look at the card below - the sitting Buddha and the lying Buddha are only a brief stroll apart and easily visible. but Yangon's transportation system is shit. More about my experience with transportation in Myanmar and Yangon.

I travelled almost 20 km to get from my lodging at the Sule Pagoda to Shwedagon and over a few other places of interest. Sightseeing may be a good choice, as a) single fare taxis are probably more costly than the total costs of your trip; b) you don't have to bargain; and c) you get a guide's premium.

When you don't want to take a trip, cabs will be your most important other choice, but you know the fare before you get in because I didn't see a rider in Yangon who wasn't trying to pull me off with a 100% lift. Unfortunately, there is not much in the town using local transportation.

Beside the monuments the Bogyoke was one of my favorite activities in Yangon. In Yangon, however, pairs, boyfriends and relatives walked on the planks and around the camp. It is quite near the Shwedagon Lagoon and makes a beautiful contrasts when you have had a full working full working year.

When Bagan is on its way to Myanmar, it is very likely that you have been considering a hot air flight - one of the most beloved things to do in the area. If like me, your travelling budgets don't go as far as the Bagan balloons, you'll be happy to know you can still take a trip in Myanmar for a small part of the price (under $40 for two people).

Since we are discussing natural sites, on my fourth outing to Yangon, I included Inya on my fourth day's activities, but unfortunately I didn't get there. This is a disgrace, because it is the largest sea in Yangon. The British man-made to provide the town with a source of fresh air, its functions have changed over the years and today it is used for boating and canoeing.

Situated to the northern side of the Shwedagon Lagoon and on the way to the airfield, you will need some bikes to get there. As a matter of fact, unless you are looking for a long iongyi (native long rock of men and woman worn) or you are looking for memorabilia, you won't need much amount of gel to get through this place scot.

Just be advised that the bazaar is costly and bargaining is difficult here so that you might better keep your souvenirs buy at another date and place. Yangon's most sight-seeing trips involve an excursion to the town.  This might be a wise move, as a on-site tourist guide is going to be a good companion for settling prizes.

For more information and pricing click here. Do you plan a journey to Myanmar? I thought you might want to see my other posts: I haven't seen such a shattering piece of scenery since I've been to Cuba, and one of my favorite pastimes in Yangon has been to just walk the roads and look up.

However, if you would rather have more leadership, you can take a walk through the architectural heritage. For more information and pricing click here. In the past there was a free walk around the town, which included the architectural work and gave a short - 1 hr - orientation in Yangon, but the trips are currently abandoned due to the shortage of guidebook.

But make sure they're alive again. Out of all the things I kindly allowed my damn germs to miss in Yangon, it was the orbit. On a 3-hour round trip through the town, the procession is stuffed with local people who transport their goods - mainly from one side of the town to the other, mostly virgin fruits, veggies and grass.

Trains only cost 20 eurocent - yes, that's right - making it one of the least expensive in town. It is a 46 km (26 miles) ride over 39 stops and lasts about 3 hrs (see my point about the Yangon commuter speed?). If you prefer to have a guidebook with you, you can also take a round trip to make sure you take the right one without changing trains.

One of the tours also involves visiting a typical village fair that most visitors would not visit. For more information and pricing click here. Besides the countless activities in Yangon, the town is also a good starting point for other attractions in the area.

When you want to make a daily excursion on your own on one of the days, you can find out here how to do it with local rail. In case you would like to take a guided tours with your own means of transportation, you can inform yourself about the rates here. There are more couples and an imposing lying Buddha waiting in Bago - as well as a convent (yes, I thought that might arouse interest).

Only a few hrs from Yangon, Bago is an ideal place for a simple excursion. Arrival by means of local transportation can be found here and the places of interest in Bago can be found here. In case you would like a guide route (which is less expensive if you take a cab around Bago), you can find out more and see the price of the itinerary.

Teatime is an institutional setting in Myanmar and unlike the British practice of p.m. teas, Myanmar enjoys teatime all morning and evening. It is a place and a place to get together and have a cup of coffee, you should drink at least once a cup of local teas and Yangon is a great place to taste it.

Teahouses " are scattered throughout the town and are often basic outside areas with a choice of chairs and desks. Situated about 20 walking min. from the Shwedagon panorama and has three storeys with artefacts. For more information and pricing click here. For more information about eating in Myanmar please refer to my Myanmar travel guide.

While there are many Currys in the town, for the most part they are dull and without the taste of Currys from other parts of the world. Also, the Myanmar Curry was boring in comparison to what I tried in India. Passing by and snuffling the fresh outdoors will always be one of the best ways to find a good place to dine, so I have eaten most of the town.

Yangon Tea House - that place was amazing enough that I had two meals there. It is almost a touch of enigma about this place and the stems I mention - made there. Chinatown - Going to China Town is definitely one of the funniest and cultureally haunting things you can do in Yangon at work.

That'?s where I had the best meal in town. It is also one of the few areas in the town where people drink'late night' (after 9pm). When you want to see the town' s overnight market under a native guide, you can go on a Yangon market trip at midnight - the trip involves tasting the cuisine of the streets, as one of the locals recommends.

For more information and pricing click here. Many of Yangon’ attractions are located either in or near the centre of the town, an area in the southern part of the town where the stream flows into an "u". When you don't have much to do, place yourself between the airfield and the Shwedagon page (probably the highest place on your list).

I' ve slept at Little Yangon Hostel and would strongly advise it for the neat rooms, the welcoming communal area and the precise position. This is a good choice if you want to see what it's like to stay in an old Yangon home. For HostelWorld current rates and ratings click here.

It is doubtful that a hostel could be nearer to the Shwedagon Lagoda than the Pickled Tea Hotel. Completed with great ratings and a number of rooms, from dormitories to private accommodations, if you are in town on a budget and don't want to drop off for too many cabs, you' ll be staying here. For HostelWorld's latest rates and ratings, click here.

Near Lake Inya is the Jasmin Palace on the right side of town for the airfield, which makes it perfect for a flight but only a few kilometers from the Shwedagonagoda. For ratings and current pricing, click here for TripAdvisor. Located in Yangon town centre, a contemporary Yangon hostel, you can have your breakfasts on the roof while planning your outing.

For ratings and current pricing, click here for TripAdvisor. For ratings and current pricing, click here for TripAdvisor. It is a brief stroll to Shwedagon and the Savoyer gains by its position alone. Then there' s more - with a charismatic, luxurious atmosphere that is more luxurious than other luxurious in town.

For ratings and current pricing, click here for TripAdvisor. And if you don't like any of these properties, look at the best Yangon properties that have been reviewed by most people. Feel free to view the pricelist, view ratings and review TripAdvisor pricing here. I' ve drawn up a card of each of the places and things in Yangon that I mention in this paper.

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