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When you have chosen a destination based on the photos you are viewing.....

Probably wouldn't go to Yangon. You are now able to produce strong and positive photo stories about the main social, cultural and environmental problems Myanmar faces. View photos, profile pictures and albums of The City Yangon. Breathtaking photos from Rangoon, Yangon, Myanmar.

Cause I only have 7 photos from Yangon (and they are all terrible)

When you have chosen a goal on the basis of the photos you are viewing..... Probably wouldn't go to Yangon. I' ve only taken seven photos all weekend. There is no photograph in the whole wide globe that could properly catch the beauties and my experience of the town.

This was Yangon, where I first realised how much I like to go travelling. Gradually, taking your own sweet moments anywhere. It'?s slower than I thought, so I can get in touch with other people. Yangon has many photos of me while I only have a few photos of Yangon. The first courageous child gesticulated towards me, herself and her telephone while she smiled ( "Can I take a picture with you?".... self-assured knows no linguistic barrier).

I got the best seats in Yangon and he made a note of each one (in Burmese) so I could give it to my next cabbie. An unforgettable and magic experience of my whole lifetime was in Yangon, in the renowned Gold Pagoda of Sweden. It' one of the few places that is personally even better and more impressing than it seems by professionals (or instagram).

Arriving early (about an hours before sunset) I went around a little before I settled in a place where other inmates were. One man who sat next to me presented himself and said that the area in which I sat is known to ask for something and later get what you have asked.

At the end of the prayer, a group of 7 Myanmar woman, from a small child to an older and edentulous grandma, asked if I would pos with them for a snap. It made me feel more tranquil and focused than at almost any other point in my whole being.

I only meet a few guys. My Yangon experience is not exceptional. However, the silent gentleness, sincerity and gentleness of Yangon will remain in my mind forever. It gave me a different sense of travelling than ticking the box on the main attractions and teaching me the pleasures of travelling slowly and taking the sweet-talk.

It is the strolls between the places of interest, the talks at dinner or the folks queuing that have transformed my live and make the trips make sense to me. Swedish Pagoda is astonishing, but it is the Yangonese who give the town its real glory.

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