Yangon Photo Festival

The Yangon Photo Festival

The Yangon Photo Festival crosses borders. A European dream at the Yangon Photo Festival. You can find pictures in several articles and on the Facebook page of the Yangon Photo Festival. Modebilder from the Bellay Photo Studio, Yangon, part of the Myanmar Photo Archive. is in Myanmar.

Yangon Photo Festival 10th

Yangon Photo Festival will take place from February 16 to March 4, 2018. Presentations of 60 of the best Myanmar based and internationally renowned photographs will take place from February 17-19. This festival is organized by the PhotoDoc Association. By 2017, over 100,000 spectators had free entry to the shows and demonstrations of 80 regional and multinational film-makers.

Over the past decade, the PhotoDoc Association has trained more than 900 graphic arts professionals and societal campaigners to create impressive tales of people' s lives, culture and the environment throughout Myanmar. Thanks to Myanmar Storys, our e-magazine, these brief documentation reaches a large public of up to 1.3 million people.

The Institut français de Birmanie and the filmmaker Christophe Loviny, the great interest in Myanmar and the absence of photo-oriented activities, agreed in February 2009 to organise an exciting event: the Yangon Photo Festival. The first of its kind in Myanmar, this festival provides a very wide view of what Myanmar and the rest of the rest of the world do. It gives Myanmar's photographs an education through a series of work-shops.

Institut Français de Birmanie will continue to sponsor the festival together with other people. Throughout the year, the festival offers a series of side activities throughout Myanmar. Rakhine State Photo Festival took place on January 7, 2018 in Mrauk U, Rakhine State.

The Yangon Photo Festival is celebrating its 10 years anniversary.

The Yangon Photo Festival will take place until March 4 at the Secretariat, Mahar Bandoola Park and the River Gallery. On 16 February, the French Institute celebrated its tenth birthday with the opening of three large photojournalist shows by Paula Bronstein, Adam Dean and Alessandro Penso, and the festival ends on 24 February with the Photo Night Awards.

With Canon' s flagship camera and a journey to the World Photo Awards in Amsterdam, Myanmar's photographs will, as every year, be presented to a panel of judges from around the world. The Yangon Photo Festival saw a great deal of opportunity in the upheaval of the mass media, although there was no free movement of the masses of people.

They have since begun to train photographs interested in using the powers of the image to transform and raise their world. Her documentary films will then be released every weekly on Yangon Photo Festival's Facebook magazine: Burma stories. Though the first Yangon Photo Festival 2009 had only a few hundred visitors, the public has grown over these years and last year around 100,000 visitors from all over Yangon had free access to the shows and shows of 80 regional and internat.

Sponsored by the Goethe-Institut and organized by Lukas Birk, this year's secretariat will present the story of Myanmar film-makers. The festival opened with two performances of YPF award winners in Maha Bandoola Park, along with the World Press Photo Awards exhibit, U Sann Aung celebrity profiles, U Sann Aung Sweden Days, Johan Bävman serials, and works on Myanmar by internationally renowned artist such as Garcia de Marina, Marylise Vigneau, Aun Raza, and Beatrice Minda at the River Gallery.

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