Yangon Phone Code

Telephone code Yangon

Myanmar[Burma] international phone number: This Mobile Country Code Resource Guide gives you the Myanmar Mobile Code and shows you how to call a Myanmar mobile phone from Singapore. For the current time in Yangon, visit the World Clock. Burma backwards search of phone numbers! Dialling list for Myanmar, Yangon.

The Yangon (Rangoon) area code (Myanmar)

Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar area code: 1 - Click on the number to see if there are other locations in our data base with the same area codes. Yangon (Rangoon) (at the point of creation of this page): Thursday, 05.07.2008, 05:07 Difference to Greenwich Mean Tide (GMT) in hours: 06:30 (+0630 timezone).

A number of different country have different prefixes. Many telephones have an alphabetical call number table, but they only show a plus symbol (+).

I want you to call Yangon (Rangoon) in Myanmar from India.

We may have contacted you for information on prefixes. If you want to call Yangon (Rangoon) in Myanmar from India, dial: If you want to call Yangon (Rangoon) in Myanmar from India, dial: Before dialing, please verify the Myanmar locale time: Dialing frequency explained: A = Output in India. 91 = Call Myanmar from India.

Local area code] = the area code in Myanmar. Telephone number] = the Myanmar telephone number you dial. Telephone number formats vary from state to state and also depend on whether the telephone line you are calling is permanent or not. Seva in the evenings in your town might seem like a good place to talk to a mate in Yangon (Rangoon).

Calling internationally is costly. It is recommended to get an internet calling pass, for example in a drugstore or online. Answer your telephone. When using an internacional calling plan, call the number and obey the instructions. Then select "00", the passcode (exit code) for India.

dial 95 to select the prefix for Myanmar. Select the area coded number for Yangon (Rangoon). Call the area number and hold it for a second. In order to call from one state to another, you need: your national prefix, the dialing state, the area codes and a number.

Don't be afraid, just fill in the field below to find out how you can vote in any city in the wide range of countries. Where is Yangon (Rangoon) located?

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