Yangon Phone Code

Telephone code Yangon

For calling abroad. The country code, area code and local number. When time allows, we take a walk in Chinatown, the bustling point of Yangon. The Yangon, Myanmar Sakura Tower is located in the center of the business center of Yangon. Myanmar (Burma) American Center Yangon Opening.

Arrival at Yangon International Airports. Your travel leader will take you to your accommodation, who will pick you up at the Aiport. Reception at the motel. This full days excursion begins with a stroll to the centre and Sule Pagoda, the symbol of Yangon town centre, followed by a brief stroll to Strand Park Beach Park which was opened in 1901 by the famous Sakies Brethren; Chaukhtatgyi, the giant lying Buddha, followed by photography at Kandawgyi (Royal) Lake.

We will visit the Bogyoke Market (formerly Scott Market) in the afternoons, where we can buy everything from crafts and clothes to snacks; sight-seeing and sundown at the Shwedagon Pagoda, an inspirational gold Stupa that is one of Myanmar's best icon. We will take a stroll in Chinatown, the bustling point of Yangon, if we can.

Scottmarket is closed on Mondays and holidays. Please e-mail your reservation enquiry before / after the trip to[email protected] (or)[email protected] and the suggestion with your reservation will be answered asap. You will receive confirmation of your reservation upon receipt of your down pay. We reserve the right to make changes to our rates.

Hotels according to availablility. If the desired hotels are not available, we will try to provide you with alternative accommodations.

Code, reference and tool: Worldwide telephone area code

In order to make an international call, select the international area code (also known as the international area code), then the national area code for the destination of your call, followed by the area code or area code (if available) and the phone number in that order: Password + area code + country code + phone number.

To make a phone call from Canada to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for example, you must call 011 + 60 + 3 + phone number. If you want to make a phone call directly from Malaysia to Edmonton, Canada, call 00 + 1 + 780 + phone number. In case of any doubts, check the International Dialing Directory by using the search button at the top of this page.

In order to look up another code, click on the "Make Another Call" pushbutton on the "Country Calling Codes" website.

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